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Choosing A Lighter Path to 2018

  For many people, 2017 was a dark year. But, the nice part about darkness, light follows.   Just like each night falls to the rising sun in the morning.     2017 is over.   For many, there is gratitude and hope for something more. Although for many people, there are reruns after reruns of the darkness instead of making a new story or a new chapter for 2018.   Think about your 2017. What caused you darkness, sadness or frustration? You don’t want to Read More

Leave Behind Any Refusal To Be Pinned Down

  I know one of the gifts most retirees speak of is the freedom this time of life gives them. So as you begin thinking about the life you want in 2018, there can be resistance to “planning” for it or “needing” to decide what that will look like. You don’t want to be pinned down.   Yet, one of the things I know for sure is that without a vision, people perish. Your life becomes a drift. And before you know it, you have ended in destinations that were not what you intended, Read More

Dance While You Can Into 2018

  There are two ways to go through life - either laughing or crying. Wouldn't you rather laugh?   Can you allow your heart to guide you instead of your head?   Take time to quiet yourself and reflect upon 2017. Celebrate a year well lived, I hope you did that. I hope you cherished the 24 hours, the 1,440 minutes and the 86,400 seconds each day you have been given.   Find the things that made your life better - even the painful things. What brought you the most joy? Read More

Championing New Models of What's Possible

  Are you content with the status quo? Have you been afraid to live big? Speak up about what matters to you?   Think about the feelings or desires you are avoiding or covering up to fit in, keep the peace or not be hurt? Is it not doing what you really want to do?   Worried you won’t be appreciated or valued? Fear of not being loved?   How about if you made 2018 the year of YOU? Being the maverick, the go-getter or being bold and going after what you want with no Read More

Rocking The Boat in Retirement

  Wake up! There is life in retirement. There are exciting things to do.   Snowboard at almost 70 years old? My husband just kept up my son and daughter-in-law this weekend. Just think how good you feel when you’ve pushed yourself or when you challenge yourself to do something you thought you couldn’t do.   You can do it!   I’m sick of all the stories and examples of what you can’t do as you age. That’s not what I want nor do I want that for Read More

What Story Are You Living Out Loud?

  What would others say about who you are?   Are you walking the talk about who you are intending to be?   As Stephen Covey said in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, what would you want people- your children, your grandchildren, your siblings, friends, or colleagues, say about you at your funeral or 85th birthday?   What are the stories or themes that are important to you and your life?   Begin designing your life with that end in mind.   You have Read More

What Feeling Do You Want to Lead Your Life This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is in full force - peace and joy are in the air. Or, is it?   For many people this is not what they feel. Family get togethers can be hard because they bring up so many pains of the past. Or, it can be a time of great loneliness for many, you don’t have anyone to gather with.   What are you feeling about this holiday season?   Do you find yourself complaining or enjoying this time of year?   How can this holiday season be one where you feel more Read More

Moving From Frustration to Satisfaction

  What is something you are frustrated with?  How could you change that to something you are excited about?    One of the things I have learned, maybe finally, is there are no quick fixes to what you think and believe.  You can’t overcome years of doing and thinking one way overnight.  It happens incrementally.  Changing means learning a new way to be.      First, you must become aware of your pattern, and then make a plan to change it.  You must be willing to do the Read More

How Is Thanksgiving Calling You To Be More Appreciative?

  Where are you on the spectrum of everything happens for you rather than to you?   This is Thanksgiving week. A great opportunity to stop and ponder what you have to appreciate. If you are like me too often I take so many things for granted, like a roof over my head, running water, electricity, cars that run, a nice bed to sleep on, groceries, money to pay our bills, and my computer working. And, the list could go on and on…   Days like Thanksgiving are a great reminder Read More

Saying Yes To Yourself Each Day

  How do you honor yourself each day?   How do you take care of your body, mind and spirit each day to be at the top of your game?   I know women of my generation were told it was selfish to think of yourself. It was your job to take care of everyone else.   Yet, as I have grown over the years I’ve seen how many women are depleted and exhausted from this mindset.   Depression had ballooned in the last decade, one of the leading causes of Read More