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How Can Love Guide Your Every Decision Today?

  What is love for you?     What would feel like the most loving things for you to do today?   Is that choosing love in all your thoughts, words, and actions?   Can you begin by loving yourself more?  Loving those in your family more? And, your neighbors?   Is that being kinder, more compassionate, or more empathic with others?   Is it noticing the love languages and applying those to the people closest to you?   Notice all the choices you have to have a Read More

Do You Know The Power of Gratitude?

  Gratitude makes you feel good.     You can only feel one thing at a time.     You have a choice about how you want to feel.     Recently a friend of mine had a situation with her granddaughter that upset her.  She was overly worried.  Yet, the same situation, her husband said, “Everything will work out.”     Do you have a default where you go to worry rather than trust things will work out?     As Wayne Dyer says, “The only thing that Read More

Is Today The Right Time For Your Body To Be Getting Healthier?

  It’s springtime.  It’s an easy time to get outdoors more.  It’s brighter.  It’s easier to think and feel more cheerful.   What do you need today to feel healthier and at your best?     Know that your mind, body, and spirit work together.   Think about what you use to determine what being healthy is for you.   Is it a weight on the scales? Is it a certain size? Is it how you feel? Is it how you move about? Is it eating the “right” Read More

What Keeps You From Being Who YOU Are?

  How are you defining yourself today?   Think of the mental models you have about life and how you believe it is to be.   Are you constricted by the past ideas of what you have seen and known, as well been told?   Or, are you looking for ways to redefine what’s possible for you? For example, aging is tricky.   It smacks you in the face about the reality of death. It has you questioning much about life and how you will be able to live. It can Read More

Greet Each Day With Optimism and Joy

  Be in sync with your heart.  Feel how it wants to push you to more joy and optimism.  See how it’s asking for more light to be shown in who you are.   Let each day be about being alive and feeling alive.     Your mind is a powerful story teller.  How can your story or chapter be filled with hope, optimism and positive expectations?  It's okay to start dreaming about it, and taking steps to craft that new reality.   Open the doors to the greatest situations Read More

How Can “Loving What Is” Help You Live More Peacefully?

  I hope you are better at “loving what is” than I am.     This is a blog about teaching the lessons I need to learn - over and over…   I have been quite stubborn about when I don’t like a situation or idea.  When something upsets me, I try to figure out a way to fix it.  I think I personally am responsible to make things better.     And, part of that is good but part of it keeps things worse.     Resistance to what is, keeps adding more of the Read More

How Is Your Today More Meaningful Than Yesterday?

  Life is too short to not decide how you want to live it.  Especially for anyone that is in their 6th, 7th or later decade of life.   How are you sharing your joys, skills and abundance? How are you making a difference? How are you leaving the planet better than when you came here? How are you touching other’s lives? How are you having fun?   As I read in my Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper this week, she was discussing her friend Simon had mentioned to her that she Read More

How Are You Staying In Tune With Your Core Desired Feelings?

  Life is here to live and ENJOY.   How could your life be more alive and easy by making your decisions and choices with the core feelings you desire?     Instead of letting life decide how it will be for you, make a decision to live according to the qualities that you desire that are most important to you.   Your core feelings can help you make tough decisions.  Think of how you want your life to feel.  If any decision won’t bring forth those feelings, the Read More

How Are You Making Other's Lives Better?

  Being of service is one of the best feelings you can have.  Especially when it is just given freely.   Educators are unbelievable in all they give and how they serve.   I know for years when I was involved with Norman Public Schools, my heart was open to serve in many ways that would be of benefit to my school and students.     It allowed me to feel connected.     I had a better feeling for the community and all it offered our families.     It Read More

How Committed Are You To Getting The Most From Life?

  The pandemic has caused all of us to redefine life and how it is.  It’s a time of great uncertainty.  And, within that is a gift of time to reflect upon what’s truly important for you at this time in your life.   Think about the opportunity.  How can you make the shift in your thinking to this could be your best year by being committed to getting the most from life?   What is that for you?   As Abraham-Hicks shares that everything we want in life is to make Read More