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You'll Never Go Back To Old Ways After Reading This…

  Today's tip is to rise above all limits you have on yourself.   If you want to improve your life, start by changing your mindset.   How do you do that? Glad you asked.   Become aware of how you are doing in life, and you can change anything.   Stop putting limits on yourself and become aware of your behaviors.   Think big BUT take small steps to get there, and believe in realistic goals.   Next, write down your goals and track your progress. Read More

Do You Look More To The Light or The Darkness

  In today's world, we need more light than ever.   And, as the saying goes, If it is to be, it's up to me.   Do you live more in the light or the darkness?   Are you focused more on things that bring lightness to your life, such as in higher frequencies such as positive expectations, love, and joy? Or, do you look and spend more time conversing about how bad things are and watching negative things happening?   Notice.   Awareness is the first step to Read More

How Are You Using Shame Against Yourself?

  How you see the world is how you experience the world. If you believe life is for you, then you can see how everything that happens to you is FOR YOU.   But if you believe the world is out to get you, you will see a completely different view of what is happening. You will be on the defense.   Right now, in my life, I have shifted my perspective. I do believe life is for me. I do think everything is helping me evolve to become more loving, kinder, and more at peace. I Read More

How Has This Summer Mattered To You?

  People are outdoors more in the summer. I love seeing families out and about. I know I've read that more people are traveling again.   Summer brings on more activities.   Summer tends to be a more relaxing time. How great is that for your body, mind, and spirit! Think about ways that you have allowed yourself to be more relaxed.   Is that gardening?   Is it having more light each day?   Is it being able to spend time sharing with neighbors?   ADD more of Read More

What Would It Take For You To Have An Awesome Day?

  Let the energy of awesomeness be your focus for today, this week, and this month.   Say, "Something amazingly awesome will happen to me today." Then, be on the hunt for the blessings of awesomeness.   What you focus on, you receive.   Success breeds success. The more you focus on excellent, the more you will receive.   Decide what a fantastic day is for you.     Is it enjoying the outdoors?   Is it being with your friends more?   Is it being Read More

Are You Speaking Possibilities Into Your Life?

  Life is full of possibilities.   Did you know when you ask your mind for an answer, you are limited with the answers? Because your mind can only answer with what it already knows. How about expanding the possibilities of your solutions by listening to your intuition and the greater Universe?     You have hundreds of conversations during your day. So it's important to notice the tone and substance of what you are speaking, even if they are the ones to Read More

How Are You Protecting Your Well-Being?

  Trying times require you to dig deep and know what matters most to you.     Your well-being, as written in the Oxford Dictionary, is "the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy."   Your well-being depends on your state of being, attitude, and focus.   How are you aligning your inner states of beings so you can more easily handle what's happening in the outer world? When you are at peace, you can find more peace. Decisions are easier. Focus on what YOU Read More

How Can You See Obstacles As Detours In The Right Direction?

  Are you willing to endure some discomfort to find the Highest You? Enjoy more peace, love, and kindness?   Life is leaving you breadcrumbs to find your way.   When you feel joy and happiness, know that you are where your heart and soul are.   When you feel peace and contentment, know that you have found your way back to Yourself—the Highest You.   The trick is to find that more and more and more and more, not fleeting moments.   As Abraham-Hicks Read More

What Is Your Part To The Recovery Of Our Nation?

  Where is your heart aching today? What is tugging at you?   Take a moment to go within and find why that is bothering you. There's meaning and matter there for you.   It's time to become more conscious and find ways to heal the deep trenches within each one of us.   If you can't let go of the gun violence, seek what you can do at your level. Too often the issue feels like there is nothing you can do. For many gun owners they say they don't want their rights taken Read More

Use "Feeling Good" To Make Your Decisions

  What thoughts immediately pop up as you think about making choices from feeling good?   Do you feel selfish, greedy, or shallow?   Abraham-Hicks says that you do everything in life so you will feel good. So instead of working from fear or habit, what if you made your decisions from "Does this feel good?"   Just think how easy that could be.   Just think how great it is to listen to what is right for YOU!   Just think how your life would be in alignment with Read More