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What's Weighing You Down So You Can Be Free To Thrive?

  What baggage are you carrying around that keeps you stuck in thinking the only way to live today is what you know from the past?   The future is full of possibilities if you have new lens on to enjoy today.   Today is a gift.  That’s why they call it the present.   Understanding the treasures of the past, can be helpful as you are creating your dreams for today and tomorrow.     But, they can also be limiting how you live.  Realize life is like a car. Read More

What Is The Feedback You Are Receiving From The Outside of the World Mirror You Are Seeing?

  What are you noticing all around you?  Who are you attracting in your life?  What are the conversations you are having?     Is it about the beautiful people and things in life? Is it about the joy and peace that people resonant? Is it about angry and violent people? How about the world is in chaos? How about how unsettled your life is? The outside world is mirroring your thoughts and beliefs.   What are you seeing?  The feedback has important messages for Read More

How Are You Creating A Sense of Aliveness Each Day?

  What rings your bell?   Do you open your shades in the morning and shout that you are so glad to be alive?   Most of us probably keep our soul tank low, at maybe one quarter full.     Pretty empty.   We disconnect from one of the most important parts of ourselves.     By connecting and aligning with your soul, you ignite your life in the greatest ways because you are living true to you.  Your energy is at the highest and you are allowing life to Read More

Use The Beauty Around You To Lift You

  Wow, what beauty nature has to offer.     Where are you reaping the benefits of nature?  The abundance, the peace and the beauty.   For most people, these times have created more stress and anxiety.  It’s important to find tools and strategies that can lift you to your Highest and Greatest and help you manage.   Life is continuously sending messages and feedback to help you grow and be more at peace in your life.  Even if it doesn’t seem that Read More

How is 2020 Allowing You To Be Freer?

  Independence Day has just passed, and was meant to be a day of celebration of America’s freedom.   I’m not sure many people are feeling free and opportunist right now.   Yet, from this chaos there can be great beginnings. Where are you willing to give up the way you thought life was to be, to create a brighter future for yourself?   What limitations or old beliefs are keeping you stuck to how things must be or were? Recently, my husband sent me a video about seeking a new Read More

Where Is Your Yellow Brick Road Leading You To Today?

  What do you need more of to handle today’s changes and upheaval?   What friends from The Wizard of Oz do you need right now?     Are you feeling like the Cowardly Lion longing for courage to face all the uncertainty in a New World emerging?     Do you need more of the Tin Man’s desire for a heart to have more compassion, and a willingness to see other’s needs out of oppression?   Or, are you realizing that you are like the Scarecrow’s need for Read More

Do You Know You Are In Charge - Whether By Default or By Choosing What You Desire?

  Are you just letting life happen to you or are you co-creating the experiences you are having here on earth? You have a choice.  It’s yours to decide.  The more conscious you are, the more empowered you are.  Then you can become more in charge of what happens for you in life.  If you want more happiness, it’s up to you to notice it, celebrate it and attract more of it.  Start with some tiny examples like, “I love the bed I sleep on,” “I love summer being here which Read More

Surround Yourself With Reminders Of Who You Want To Be

  How do you become who you want to be today?  Life is asking each of us to go inside and question how we are living our lives. If you are feeling uncertain, hurt or out of sorts, take time to listen to what message those situations might have for you.  Life is full of feedback.  I believe life is asking us to become more compassionate and kind.  It is so easy for life to take you off track.  Whether that is the news, every day responsibilities or life’s challenges.  Your Read More

When Things Fall Apart New Begins

  How is your life falling apart so it can be put together again in a new way from these monumental times?   Is that parenting, lifestyle, or what life is really about?   Most of us resist change.  Especially in areas where you are attached.     I think about all the ideas swirling around today as this pandemic has changed our world.  Whether that is how work will look, what will happen to child care or how will massive people be able to go to Read More

Can You Do Your Part To Bring More Compassion And Goodness To Our Troubled Times?

  My skin cringes.  My heart aches.  How much more pain and heartache do we need to see and have to wake up to being kinder people?   In order to hurt others there is deep pain inside.     How can I help?  How can you help?     People are crying out to be seen and heard.  We all have basic needs that must be met.  If they aren’t met in positive ways, we will do what we need to have those met.  I remember really getting that as gangs started appearing.  We Read More