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How Clear Are You With What You Want In Life?

  Every day is a new opportunity to decide what is important for you in your life. For instance, many of the government employees right now are just wanting a paycheck. That is what they want to survive and make it. But I would ascertain what they really want is some level of financial freedom, or a different job or occupation.   Life and hardships like these can open up new ways of thinking about what it is you really want - if you allow it.   To use it for your favor Read More

The Power of Relaxation and Positive Thinking Are Keys To Managing Your Stress

  Chronic stress upsets nearly every system in your body:                           Increases heart rates which can lead to heart attacks.                         Impairs reproduction systems causing infertility problems.                         Disrupts the gastrointestinal system with illnesses such as ulcers, irritable bowel, rashes.                         Produces more glucose that Read More

Did You Realize By Examining Your Behaviors You Can Improve Your Life?

  It’s your year to rise above all limits you have on yourself.   Become aware of how you are doing life, and you can change anything.   Think big but take small steps to get there. Think about realistic goals. For too much of my life, my personal goals have been unrealistic - like lose 10 pounds this month or earlier in life in two weeks.   What if instead, you knew you were committed to losing that 10 pounds, not by gimmicks but by a new way of life?   The Read More

How Will You Renew Yourself in 2019?

  SOAR.   The vitality of life comes from looking forward to something new, something exciting.   This time of year is a great reminder that you can decide to create something new for your life - is that a more positive and grateful attitude? Is that letting go of things or people that are taking your peace of mind away? Or is it working toward having a healthier body?   What is calling you?   Whatever feelings you are having, you are attracting your tomorrow. Read More

How Are You Making Your Days Matter?

  What are the highlights of your 2018?   There were 365 days in this precious year of your life. How much of the year do you remember? I know for me there are a number of events but mostly, the days have gone by.   List the top 10 events of 2018 for you.                     What mattered?                   What was most significant?                   What was most painful?   As E.S. Bouton says, “True Read More

Starting Your Day With A Positive Attitude

  Take charge of what you can with your life. Start your day with a positive attitude. Have the intention that it will happen.   You don’t always have control over what happens as your day goes on. Life happens. If your focus is on a positive attitude, your day and life can be easier and more fulfilling.   How you react or respond to whatever happens is the game-changer.   I know having peace and joy is important to my day and life. So when upsetting things happen, Read More

What Door Closed On You in 2018?

  As this year is nearly ending, what new have you learned? What has been the meaning of 2018 for you?   For me, it has been about surrendering. I can’t always get what I want when I want it. I’m struggling with it but intellectually, I’m understanding it more.   At times surrendering feels like giving up. I know the messages of “In God’s perfect timing”, “Let God’s will be done.” But, not easy for someone who has made things happen and likes controlling Read More

Where Do You Feel Lonely And Alone?

  How is loneliness affecting your world?  Awareness is the first step to making a change. Holidays trigger all kinds of behaviors.   Do you feel you must be with family? Do you feel isolated if you live away from family? Do you dislike some of your family and don’t want to be near them?   In my spin class, the conversation was on how you please everyone at holidays. They were sharing how the worst in families come out. Tempers rise and feelings get hurt. And, how you Read More

Do You See This As An Exciting Time To Be Alive?

  Times are changing.    Life is calling you to wake-up.    You have a choice of how you see your life and the world in which you live.  No two people’s perspectives are the same.      At times I feel frustrated and upset over what is happening nationally.  But, I also see it as an opportunity to grow spiritually and focus on what I can do something about and serve in a higher way.     Realize contrast in life offers you a chance to really Read More

What Is Inspiring To You?

  Look around your world. What brings you joy - is it pictures, books you’ve chosen to read, giving to others, or the people in your house? That’s what inspiring is.   As Wayne Dyer says in his book, Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling, “What I’m offering in this book is the awareness that we can return to a full-time position of inspiration which is the true meaning of life.”   Live in-spirit as Dr. Dyer shares. Not just sometimes, but full-time.   Fill your Read More