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What’s The Future You Are Creating?

  Did you know the words you are using today are creating your tomorrows?     Your words are creative.  You are speaking your future.     Your words declare the direction you want your life to go.  You are asking God, the Universe, to align you to your desires.     Be aware!  That works both directions.  The good and the bad.   It’s why it is so very important to focus on what you are saying.  Pay attention to your language because it might not be Read More

Did You Know Your Feelings Can Guide You To A Happier Life?

  How can paying attention to your feelings help you live a happier life?   Your emotional guidance system is your ticket to YOUR Truth, your desires and what you were created to do in this lifetime.     The journey of life is finding yourself.  It entails letting go of beliefs and thoughts you’ve been taught, construed, or perceived to be real but in actuality can be holding you back because they aren’t right for you.   Growing up you learned patterns Read More

Empowering Questions Guide You To Your Solution

  Every moment you have a choice.  Sometimes they are easy to make and other times more difficult, and many in between.     Are you asking empowering questions to help you find a solution?   Become aware of how you respond or react to situations with your questions.   This won’t happen once in a while, but happens all day long with the decisions and circumstances of your life.  When the car won’t start, the cable goes out or something breaks.  The realities Read More

Can It Help Lift You When You Remember To Look To The Light?

* Over 200,000 deaths from coronavirus.  5-weeks until elections.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. * The statistics are staggering.  The news is dismal.  The upheaval is overwhelming. * What are you doing to take care of yourself? * How can it help you to remember to look to the light?  Look to what brings you joy, what feels good.  * * Take time to KNOW what that is for you.  * Acknowledge what that is.  Appreciate everything in your life that lifts you up. * Make Read More

What Are You Doing To Have Your Life Elevated?

  As we traveled in Utah on our 3-week journey in RV living, there was a sign showing Utah’s mantra “Life Elevated.”  It made me think about how beautiful Utah is and how many outdoors activities they have to offer.  It’s just breathtaking.     Since we love the outdoors, we were in heaven.     We planned our trip around seeing family in California and going to the mountains of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.  We were blessed with so many other beauties Read More

Life Is An Attitude, What Are You Choosing?

  What is your path of maximum harmony?  Do you try to choose that each day?   What are you choosing if not your maximum harmony?   Are you choosing routine, moods of the media or whatever happens in your day?   As Tama Kieves says in her A Year Without Fear book, “There will always be storms in life.  The unpredictable will swoop into your experience, knock out power lines, crush the daisies, cheat on you, and threaten your dreams.  But there is a Power Read More

How Can The Fall Help You Reset?

  The leaves are beginning to change colors.     Leaves drop and limbs go bare.     Fall is a time of letting go.  Time to go within.   Fall is a time to release that which no longer serves you.  Letting go of worries or old stories that keep you stuck or anxious.  Letting go of wishing things were different.    What habits do you have that keep you upset that you could let go of?  Like watching the news, sitting on the couch watching endless tv, or Read More

To What Are You Devoted To?

  Family, church and your political affiliation?   Love, compassion and peace?   What is it for you?     What are you devoted to?  What will nag at you until you find a solution?   What really matters to you?     The dictionary defines devotion, “love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.”   Think about your life.  What would someone from the outside be able to know from your actions that you were devoted Read More

What If Success Today Was Based On You Being On The Highest Vibration?

  What if I told you that when you focus on love and joy, you will see a completely different world than most people talk about?   When I realized I was in charge of designing my life, my life changed.   As Pam Grout talks about in The Course in Miracles Experiment, A Starter Kit For Rewiring Your Mind, “If I’ve been this successful at creating separation and pain, what else can I create if I begin focusing on love and infinite possibilities?”   Just think about Read More

Are You Playing Life Too Safe?

  “Life is not intended to be safe.  A safe life has too small a name for a creature of eternity.  Life, at its noblest and highest, has a hazard about it.”  Ethel Waters   How safe are you playing life?   Are you up to living your greatest life?  Then, you must be willing to live with uncertainty and trust.   Living your best life means letting go of control and opening up to a life larger than your mind can create.   Do you know that life is to Read More