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Use The Opportunity of Adding More Peace in Your Life to Feel Fulfilled

  Did you know that when you live in peace, it is a great source of fulfillment?  So the phrase “Peace Be With You” is more important than just the words.    It means you are living in harmony with you, what you desire for life, and how you are living.    It means you are aligned with your purpose and gifts of life.  You are doing what you love.   It means your cells are thanking you because they aren't stressed and having to work so hard to heal the Read More

Where in Your Life Are You Settling for Barely Getting By?

  With the teacher walk-out in Oklahoma, I can hardly contain myself with some of the comments I hear, mostly with the scarcity mindset. Like in spin class this morning, one of the regular guys said, “Now, Dottie do we really need new reading and math textbooks?” The news had shown someone holding Blake Shelton’s textbooks when he was in school and how outdated their school’s textbooks were. Then, the constant debate about, “We aren’t 49th, no, we are 48th.”   Why Read More

How Can You Allow The Cycles of Life To Lead You?

  Spring is in the air.   Springtime brings growth, opportunities and more light.   It spurs new thinking and possibilities for me. My heart feels freer, ready to soar.   I love using the changing seasons to enhance my life such as wearing brighter colored clothes. It brightens up life.   Spring can change your spirit and attitude. Spring can remind you it is time to clean out the old and plant new.   Whether that is letting go of limiting thoughts Read More

Choosing Peace To Lead The Way In My Life

  How about dedicating today as a day you will watch your words, actions and thoughts to focus on peace? Redirect anything that steers you off course so you can be peace and live in peace.   And, how about nourishing and advancing peace for a week, then 30 days?   Can you imagine what your life would feel like? And, what those around you will feel? The ripple effect.   Do you realize how much healthier it is to feel calm, grateful and in charge of how your life Read More

By Using The 90% Rule, How Can You Create The Life You Love?

  I know life can be challenging at times. I know it has its ups and downs. I know crazy things happen that are out of your control.   But, I also know you and I have the ability to live way bigger than I ever knew possible by intending what you want.   Not by being a bystander.   I thought life happened to you and you worked hard to get whatever you wanted.   What I know now is that it is one way to create your life. But, there is something bigger, easier and Read More

Are You Embracing Your Gifts, Talents and Passion or Are You Playing Small?

  Last week, I talked about shadows. Your shadows are those parts of yourself you have deemed unacceptable. Your shadow, your dark side or repressed part, contains all the parts of yourself that you resist, dislike, or try to hide. You often deny these parts of yourself. You have probably made it mean there was something wrong with you if you have these qualities.   That is for both your greatness and your weaknesses.     So this week, I’ll share how you can be hiding Read More

You Spot It, You Got It

  I love shadow work. Shadow work changed my life and focus. Doing my shadow work freed me to be more forgiving, to open me to a bigger world and the possibilities it offers, and to be more accepting.   I love teaching about it.   Your shadows are those parts of yourself you have deemed unacceptable. Your shadow, your dark side or repressed part, contains all the parts of yourself that you resist, dislike, or try to hide. You often deny these parts of yourself. You probably Read More

Are You Looking For The Goodness All Around You?

  The quickest way to understand and live your purpose is to ask if you’re thinking in loving ways.   Loving ways are lead from your heart. Open to give and receive. For instance, you share kindness, devotion, and selfless service. It feels good to you and to those that receive it.     When you are sharing your gifts, it’s from genuine love and passion of what’s true for you.   Think about people you admire that are on fire, living their truth and Read More

What Do You Need to Improve Your Outlook For Your Life?

  My first reaction to improve my outlook would be that I don’t need to hear about what’s happening with national politics.   I know intellectually that I should do things that fill my soul and limit things that don’t. Yet, I continue to read the papers. The good part, is I don’t watch the news.   So maybe, you are like me, maybe not over the same item, but it is important to realize what is controlling you rather than you creating the life you Read More

How Are You Settling Instead of Living Your Dreams?

  Are you a dreamer?   I am. I believe in possibilities.   I didn’t always understand how it works. Growing up I thought the harder I worked, the more I would achieve and have in my life. But, there was a cost, it was exhausting. I was focused on doing and achieving so there was never peace or satisfaction because there was always more, or someone doing something better than I was.   Finally, after breaking apart from what I thought was the right way to do life, I Read More