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Prayer Is A Powerful Tool Beyond Using It As 911

    Prayer is a connection. To others. To something greater. To better feelings. To hope and possibilities. To peace. To how to live life.   Prayer is an amazing tool that honors some power beyond what we understand and comprehend, but you know it works.   Prayer brings a great sense of confidence that miracles can happen. It brings hope and possibilities.   Prayer brings a sense of peace, a knowing that someone greater than yourself can do what you can’t Read More

Where Do You Find Meaning For Your Life?

  One of the scary things about transitions in life is you can lose the meaning for life. When you don’t feel like you have value, purpose or interest, depression, illness and death appear.   It doesn’t have to be that way.   I know one of the things I loved about retiring was I was so excited about coaching. I knew what a difference coaching had made in my life, and I wanted to return the favor.   I’ve seen and heard about too many people when they divorce, Read More

Use Transition Times In Life As An Opportunity To Know Yourself More

  Life is not always the way you plan. Transitions in life can be hard and brutal.   There is uncertainty and loss. Yet, what if you were taught that no matter what happens, it is part of God’s greater plan to your Higher Self. Time to wake up to something greater, that can’t be seen otherwise. Would it be easier to accept, to move through, and not have the pain from the crazy things that happen in life? So whether you’ve lost a loved one, or are an empty-nester, Read More

What’s Your Role in These Tragedies?

  In my work with The Course of Miracles, there is a saying that everything is “love or a call for love.”     As you think of the last weeks and the national headlines: Mother of Florida school shooting suspect let him buy a gun. Families split to “lost” children, the stories behind the alarming US immigration headlines.              What do you do when darkness happens? Do you find it an opportunity to rise above and find compassion? Do you find it an Read More

If It's Not About Changing Circumstances, Who Needs To Change?

  Life’s meaning doesn’t lie in things, it is the meaning you have given to them. Look at the world around you and how many things you want differently. What if life is perfectly orchestrated to help you and I to be our Highest Self? As hard as it is on me, and I know others, I do believe the chaos is needed to garner our attention. I believe there are opportunities for each of us to be more connected, more compassionate and more loving. Think about where you have chosen Read More

Have You Slipped Off The Path And Need Some Inspiration To Keep Going?

  Here we are in July. Half of 2018 is already gone. What are you most proud of that you have become? Or, that you have accomplished? What have you let go of? The need to be right? Worry over how you are perceived? Someone who drains your energy? One of my Facebook Lives had numerous comments about would you rather be happy or right. It was so telling because for many of us, the need to be right was more prevalent in earlier days and now the desire to be happy is at the top of Read More

Pursuing Forward With New Insights

  How do you feel when you have done something you really weren’t sure about? Proud of yourself? Confident and willing to try other new things? Not willing to try anything new again?   Wow Wee! I recently did my 21-day Facebook Live challenge. I made it through. Not perfection but with commitment and willingness, knowing if I could help one (1) person find some hope and possibility, I’ve made a difference.   I now know I can do Facebook Lives. I know I need more Read More

Freedom To Live The Life You Want

  Your mind controls your life. Until you take charge. Those 60,000 thoughts in a day you have, 80-90% are repeated from the day before, and 75% of them are negative.   No wonder people feel like they are stuck or life is defined for them, no freedom.   I recently attended a workshop for our online entrepreneur mentoring group in Los Angeles. As part of our discussion, we were asked to describe the ultimate result we wanted for our clients.   And, I said - The Freedom Read More

Every Relationship is a Holy Encounter

  Life has a funny way of getting your attention. The Universe puts people in your life that annoy, frustrate and even love you.   People are mirrors for you. How do you know which ones are trying to reveal a message for you?   Since there are billions of people on the planet, you won’t be involved with all those billions of people.   There are people who may attack you, blame you and maybe even abuse you. Their world is angry, frustrated or blah with lower Read More

You Are The Choices You Make

  Have you put off living for “someday”?   People who put off living for some rainy day in the future, often find themselves living in regret.   Because that someday became too late - a partner left or passed away, their health deteriorated or they didn’t plan financially for it to happen.   It’s so sad that the saying, “Everyone dies but not everyone lives,” is so prevalent and the reality for most people.   It doesn’t have to be.   It’s not Read More