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What Prison Walls Have You Created That Keep You Stuck?

  You stay feeling bad.  Why? Become aware that you have the choice of what you allow in your mind and in your life. You cannot hear God if you are listening to the negative chatter of your mind or ego. I never realized the mental clutter I had until I started learning about Science of Mind.  Change your thinking, change your life.  It is amazing by just paying attention to how you think, how much you can understand why your life is like it is.  Just that small aha can change your Read More

How Are You Different Than You Were A Few Years Ago? Are You Okay With It?

  How do you feel about being a work in progress?  Just notice the 50th wedding anniversary pictures of people now and then.  Wow, what differences there are physically but can you imagine their stories and how their lives have changed.  Amazing how different you become. Sometimes you don’t take the time to notice the differences in your life whether yearly or every few years.  But, it can be telling.  Reflecting on your life allows you to build upon where you are and release Read More

How To Use 2020 As An Opportunity To Recreate Your Life

  I love new seasons, new years or even better a new decade.  These transitions give me the opportunity to pause and reflect upon what is working for me, what needs to change and how I can level up. Becoming conscious is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  Feeling empowered and knowing you have a choice of how your life can go, is freeing and amazing.  I love helping you awaken to your greatest, remind you of what’s possible for your life.   A New Year, A New Read More

Be Open To New Ways of Experiencing Your Life

  Wisdom is powerful.  It represents experience.  It’s how you’ve walked through life and found the nuggets of gold to transform your life.  It’s the new story of how life can be. It’s being able to say, heaven is where I am instead of feeling like life is hard and it should be like it was. As Abraham-Hicks says, “Practice moving your gaze.  Practice changing your perspective.” One of the ways I am opening to new ways of experiencing life is shifting how I make Read More

You Are No Good To Others Unless You Are Good To Yourself

  You are simply amazing! Do you know that?  How do you feel about that?  Now is the time to step into your own glory and queenhood.    If you aren’t for you, who is? Remember LIFE IS FOR YOU! How do you nourish and pamper yourself?  Are you your biggest cheerleader? Do you believe in yourself? I know for so long we were taught those ideas meant you were bragging and were conceited.  But, the literature is strong about if you aren’t taking care of yourself, then you have an Read More

Get Excited About The Opportunity To Raise Your Alignment

  What if you really paid attention to the choices you make in your life? What if you really became conscious about how you are walking through life? What if you really decided to make everything in your life a 10 for you? The more that I have learned, read, and experienced life, I see the power I have to create the life I want.  It’s not airy, fairy.  It’s understanding how when you are connected to a Source greater than you, everything is possible for you. The way you relate Read More


  Ready to let go of some stress in your life?    No need to struggle and keep the pressure on yourself.   Simply notice the pleasures of life.   In that awareness, you will find more fulfillment with your life.   You will feel lighter and more content.    Amazing how everything is right before you if you tune into it.   Being an A-type personality and a task masker, it’s been a hard lesson to understand how to enjoy the journey when I’m focused on the goal, the Read More

Use Me To Bring Hope and Possibilities

  Work to do whatever you can to be there for another, to lift someone’s spirit or let them be heard.   When you love what you do, others feel that, want that.  You inspire others to wonder how that is possible for them in their lives.  Not with envy or jealously but a real desire to boost what is happening for them.   Many times in life, you don’t even think things are possible for you.  Technology is a great example.  I make Zoom calls and talk with people all over the Read More

Are You Using More Than Your Intellect to Guide Your Life?

  What guides your life - mind, body or heart?   Shawn Acker says, “Intelligence counts for only 25 percent of our job success; 75 percent of our successes in life — not just job, is not about our intelligence and technical skills.  It’s how we process the world.  It’s our optimism.”   When you are mostly using your mind, you limit experiencing the power of the whole self.      I was rewarded through my intellect and what I knew.   I was living totally in my Read More

Are You Speaking More Goodness, Appreciation, Kindness And Love Than Negative?

  Goodness is a choice.   Do you have more positive thoughts or negative thoughts in a day?   Remember, you have approximately 60,000 thoughts in a day.   One way to figure out which direction you are thinking is to look at how you talk about yourself.   Do you say more positive, encouraging words? Or, is your critic hard at work talking about how you aren’t measuring up, you’re not good at this or you aren’t perfect?   Awareness, or becoming Read More