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Saying Yes To Yourself Each Day

  How do you honor yourself each day?   How do you take care of your body, mind and spirit each day to be at the top of your game?   I know women of my generation were told it was selfish to think of yourself. It was your job to take care of everyone else.   Yet, as I have grown over the years I’ve seen how many women are depleted and exhausted from this mindset.   Depression had ballooned in the last decade, one of the leading causes of Read More

Taking Responsibility for Creating The Life You Desire

  Did you know that you have the choice to live the life you desire and deserve?   You have the power and ability. As Louise Hay says; “We have the power of our thoughts and words. As we change our thinking and our words, our experiences also change. No matter where we came from, no matter how difficult our childhood was, we can make positive changes today.”   You are responsible for your life. Maybe until right now you have not been conscious that you have choices. But, I Read More

How Worthy Do You Feel Since You Retired?

  Does getting older mean you no longer matter? Or is it from retirement you feel that way?   The transitions with retirement and aging can make you feel lost and uncertain how to feel relevant again. You shed roles, titles, connections and purpose that you had from your career. All which defined you.   Finding yourself in this unfamiliar place can catch you by surprise and be quite disorienting. Especially when you had a career where you felt valued and Read More

What Conversations Are You Having Regarding Your Health?

  What would beating the odds in retirement look like for you?   Is it living longer than others in your life have lived? Is it living a long life? Is it living life fully?   It matters that you know. Because it determines the choices you will make and the type of life you will live. You will have to overcome aches and pains and probably some diseases. But if you stay focused on the type of life you want, you will beat the odds and live a healthier, vibrant Read More

What's Heavy On Your Mind?

Life is calling you.     How do you know? Note the emotions you are feeling right now. If you notice you are upset and reacting to outside factors, then you know you are being called to something higher.   Think about something that is upsetting you. Is it with our world, your country, your town or your life? Is it too many grandparents taking care of their grandkids or too much hatred being seen?   Whether you do something or not, it is happening and affecting your Read More

What's The State of Being You Are Lead By?

The time is now to know what’s guiding your life. Is it calm and peace? Worry and stress? Love and joy? Caring and accepting?   Knowing what’s leading your life will help shift your thinking when life’s challenges presents itself to you. It will help you get back on track when you know and live it.   This last week’s shooting in Las Vegas can certainly have you question many things - what is happening to our country, how could someone do something so outrageous or wonder Read More

Transitioning Into Retirement - Feel The Loss

  One of the ideas I have been tossing around more and more lately is how to deal with life’s transitions - whether that is losing a partner, retirement, or losing your health.   The more you take charge of your emotional state of mind, the more peaceful and calm your life will be.   The journey of life is based on your choices. Life is full of peaks and valleys, fun, obstacles and challenges. There are some things you have no control of, like Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Read More

Believing In Your Dreams for Retirement

  “We actually choose life or death on a daily basis. And while we are determined to avoid aging and avoid the truth that we will die, we miss out on the greatest performance of all time: not dying while we are living.” Temple Hayes   Why are so many people not willing to live life to the fullest? Why do you think people settle for “okay” lives? You were created for magnificence. You have gifts to share with the world.   Inc. magazine says only 2% of people follow Read More

To add to your legacy, writing a book can be one of the most fulfilling endeavours you undertake.

  Guest Blogger: Calvin Simpson   You have lived through innumerable changes in the world, and you have stories to share.   Writing a book provides you with the opportunity to reflect upon your life and find deeper meaning in the joyous moments and countless challenges.   Writing a book can give you a new found creative outlet in retirement when you are going through some dramatic changes. And most of all, your book will live on for near eternity, inspiring many Read More

We Are More Than Our Age

  “When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” Eckhart Tolle   I love the different responses shared on my survey to know clearly how I can focus and help support you to live full out whether you are in your 60s, 70s, 80s or beyond.   Nearly 80% said you “didn’t know how to get started doing what you love” for these next decades. I want to reassure you, whatever you want you can have. And, I can help spark some ideas, help Read More