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Are You Living As You Love Life?

What would it be for you to have an awesome day? Do you know? Let yourself define what matters to you and what makes for a fantastic day. That's what you are after - to live as you love life. You are different today than 10 years ago or maybe even 2 years ago. Bo and I went past some apartments, and he laughed. He said to think of yourself when you are young, getting your first apartment, and what you want to do. And how could that 20-year-old have any idea what their 70-year-old Read More

Do You Know The Power of "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life?"

I was reminded of how powerful the mantra "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life" was this past week with all the talk and excitement around the billion-dollar Powerball ticket. It seemed everyone was talking about it. It was fun listening to: How expansive their thinking was! Like buying a 747 to take their friends wherever they wanted to go around the globe. All the charities they wanted to help. How excited they were about new possibilities. Their minds were racing, Read More

How Can You Be Healthier By Adding Some Fun?

Did you know having fun makes for a healthier life? Feel how freeing it is to think about fun and playing. Feel how your body relaxes when you have fun. Your joy rises. Your worries fade. Are you saying you don’t have time to have fun? Or is having fun only for children? Stress is one of the major causes of illnesses today. This is because your body and its systems are constricted and blocked. As John Rogers, DSS, says, “When we die emotionally, we shut off the energy Read More

What Are You Making Wrong?

What in your life is not going as you'd like?  Your relationships, your health, or your money? Think about how you talk about it. Are you making others or the situation wrong? Are you making yourself bad or not good enough? Could your perception or beliefs about the situation distort how you see it? Could another perspective help shift your thinking? What are you doing wrong? Could asking, "What's right about this? I'm not getting" help you feel differently or see Read More

How Can You Use Different Eyes Today?

What are you seeing? Goodness and compassion or judgment and resentment? The Universe is expansive. I love thinking about miracles. And it’s the greatest joy when I notice them and acknowledge how amazing the Universe is. You will receive extraordinary favor again and again. How would your world change if you believed or had faith in miracles? Could you give 2% of willingness? Willingness is high vibration. A world of opportunities will come your way when you see with Read More

Who Are You Blaming For Your Life?

The first chapter in my book, Making Your Dreams Come True, is about taking responsibility. I made it the first chapter because, above all else, when you realize that you can create the life you want, you must take responsibility - for the good and the bad, or not what you wanted. They are all critical to your growth, life, and journey to your Higher Self. It amazes me that you spend approximately 18 years with your parents and blame them for what they did or didn't do for the rest of your Read More

What Are You Doing To Spark The Joy In You?

You attract others and situations based on the energy you are transmitting. What are you emitting? Joy, doubt, hopefulness, or helplessness? If you wonder why others have situations you wished you had, notice their persona, their energy. They have found ways to love life or make the most of whatever they are given. The greatest joy is when you realize that you ARE responsible for how your life goes. Yes, there is a lot you have no control over.Yes, you must realize the Read More

How Are You Nurturing or Nourishing Your Body?

Where is your focus on being healthy at this moment? For this day? What if you begin to decide how you are going to nurture your body consciously? Are that more spas, more exercise, or better eating? What is it for you? What you focus on expands. Are you willing to consciously decide the direction of your life to nurture and nourish your body? For instance, by deciding that you want better health, more joy, and lots of fun, you will have more of those things. As a result, Read More

Do You Realize That Your Life Is Composed of Chapters?

If you could choose just 6 words to make a book title that would describe your life, what would your 6 words be? Your book will explain why those 6 words were chosen throughout the chapters you create. As you ponder your 6 words and titles of your chapters, let them summarize how you view your life. How was your life meaningful?Did you do everything you wanted?What mattered to you? If you think about a chapter of a good book, it usually has some exciting and capturing moments to Read More

How Are You Letting Outside Circumstances Affect You?

Since you were created as a perfect being, your job is to mimic how Michelangelo created the statue of David. It's not something you can work hard at. Your job is to: Know that the Truth of you already exists.Remove everything that is not that TruthTruth of you. Like Luke 17:21 says, "Behold, the kingdom of God is within you." Most of us have thought we had to become someone different from who we are. As a result, we have spent our lives in conflict, comparing ourselves as not good Read More