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What Are You Doing That Creates The Most Harmonizing For Your Health?

Every day is a good day to create something harmonizing for your health. What does that mean for you? What do you need TODAY? Right now. If you are overwhelmed and stressed, you need quiet rest time. If you are depleted, you should get some fresh air. Is that a quiet picnic, a slow walk, or putting your hands in the dirt? Harmonizing is an important point in the equation of being healthy. Where’s the peace? Where’s the balance? What matters to you about your health? For Read More

Compassion Begins Through Your Experiences

The world needs more compassion right now. The world is divided. Compassion can begin restoring our faith and trust in each other. Compassion allows you to offer help and accept others where they are. You put aside judgments. You offer sympathy and empathy. You are there for each other. How can that happen? What is YOUR part? What have you overcome? Did you know your heart opens when you overcome something? Review your life and note where you have “made it Read More

How Abundant Are You?

You live in an expanding Universe. Being aware is one of the most prosperous things you can do. It opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities. Notice if you are living on autopilot, trying to get by, or tapping into the infinite Universe. Are you living more from possibilities or limitations? I have so many examples of the great abundance life has given me. I think about the jobs I've had and never thought possible. I think about the houses I'd ride by and wish that Read More

How Gentle Are You With Yourself?

The world needs gentleness and kindness and more of it. And it all begins with you. As you live each day, how would you say you interact with yourself - more with gentleness and forgiveness or more with judgment and putting down? It all begins with you. Think about a conversation you had recently where you disagreed with someone. Were you gentle with yourself afterward? When you make a mistake, notice the conversation in your head. Could you be more gentle and love yourself Read More

Are You Making Room For All The Good Awaiting You Today?

Life is full of miracles. Are you looking for them, finding them on your path? Where are you looking?   When your mindset is one where you will look for good, good awaits you. You begin seeing more and more of it. Then, finally, you notice the wonderful things happening for you, like a cardinal sitting on a branch right outside my dining window to welcome us home. All good is coming to me. How do you make room for goodness? First, find things that bring you joy or Read More

Are You Questioning The Validity of What You Hear And Believe?

Do you know that the world you see on the outside reflects what is inside of you? Do you understand that you have the power to change the world you are seeing when you begin to question what you are hearing and believing? Think about where your thoughts and beliefs are taking you. Are they pulling you higher and to a place where you are freer? If not, question them. There is a better feeling place for you. Where are you stuck in your thinking? Notice your rigidity. Like who Read More

How Do You Keep Your Life Flowing In Harmony?

How can you allow life to come to you rather than trying, grasping, and doing? How much of your life is easy? Life is designed to be easy if you allow it to show you the way. Follow the breadcrumbs and your inner guidance. Listen to what's before you. A voice saying, "Rest?" "Go this way." Notice where there is love, compassion, freedom, and joy. That's the flow.How much of your life is spontaneous? Is that when you are using your creativity and allowing your gifts to Read More

Are You Feeling Powerless?

Where are you giving your power away?   Who has control over you?   What outside forces are you letting rule your life? I know for so long, I let trying to follow the rules be my guide. I never thought I could let rules help me decipher what might be best based on the circumstances. No, they were the "word." I was powerless. Notice any darkness or angst in your life. Those are areas asking you to awaken more. Notice where you have made something in these situations Read More

Look At What Matters to You To Light You Up

What lights you up? With so much darkness around, knowing what matters to you even more, is essential. When you know what you desire, you are empowered and can direct what happens for you. When you know the frequency that feels best for you, you decide how you want to live. I like feeling hopeful, optimistic, and enthusiastic about life. Know Your Frequency Then, I create situations that bring that to my life, just like our recent trip to Antarctica. The conditions were frigid Read More

Where Are You Trying To Get To?

Take time to notice where you are rushing to be. Are you in a hurry thinking you don’t have enough time and have many things to do? Are you looking to the future in hopes it is better than where you are now? Are you running from your past? Notice what you believe is more important than the present moment you are in now. Notice the chatter in your head when you think about being in the present moment. That is, your ego is running your life. Decide now that you want to be in Read More