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Become The Person You Want To Be

  What new ideas do you have about what you imagine for you in this stage of life? As Mary Pipher says in, “Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age,” we have many lifetimes within our life.   You create your own reality whether on purpose or by default. Might as well set in motion what you envision.   Who do you want to become? A Guinness World Book record holder? A heart-centered leader? More yin or yang?   Believe in yourself. Read More

Take Back Your Freedom Being Who You Are

  Freedom is the moment you stand in your truth. When you honor what is right with you. When you align with YOUR values, YOUR heart, and YOUR intuition. For instance, if you are asked to go with friends to a Who’s Who event that promotes separation of people and you believe in caring for all. You go because you want to be seen. You are going against your inner beliefs and values. You are letting the external world control you. You are not listening and aligning your life to what IS Read More

Awaken to the Payoff to Being Conscious of Your Choices

  Your DECISIONS are your destiny.   Picture something you want to happen in your life. What will you focus on? Ways that it CAN happen in your life? Or ways it can’t? For instance, if you want a new partner in your life. Think about all the things you can do together. FEEL how great that will be.   Then check out your beliefs around it. Listen to the words you are saying and thinking. Are you saying things like “There are no good men out there, they are all gone?” Or, Read More

Who Do You Admire?

  Where are you going in your life? Is it time for a transformation or a joyful renewal of who you are today?   Every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning. If you are unhappy, discontent or overwhelmed, now is the time to change the course of what is happening for you.   If you are content but know there is more inside of you, go for it.   Recapture the adventure of life and go out on the edge to what’s waiting for you.   You are meant to be Read More

Life Is Better On The High Road But It Requires A Commitment to Heart’s Desire

  Where are you going in life?   You may have forgotten that you create your reality. Are you leading your life by design, your heart’s desire, or default? The choice is yours.   You are free to live either way. You choose it. There is a payoff for you as a victim or victor.     As Abraham Maslow has written, “Every crime against one’s own nature, every evil act, everyone without exception records itself in our unconscious and makes us despise Read More

After Today, What Behavior of Yours Do You Want to Upgrade?

  Wild success in life is all about the choices you are making.   Each moment of life is a teaching moment. Each person you meet is a Holy Encounter.   Life is about learning and discovering who you really are. How are you taking advantage of each day and what it has to offer you?   Think about:   What was great about your life today? What did you learn today - about yourself and others around you? What strengths of yours did you use today? What inspired Read More

Who Are You Becoming in this Decade You Are Living?

  Carpe Diem - Seize The Day.   Expect great things to happen for you.   Use nature’s wisdom. Nature reminds you of what’s possible. Think of the seasons - the dying of the old to let the new appear. Feel the freedom of allowing things to grow in their due time.   Each decade of life presents new opportunities.   Pull together the highlights of your life. Think of it as a quilt. Think of your school ages, your 20s exploring the world, being on your own, Read More

How Much Easier Would Life Be If You Allowed Yourself To See The Lessons In Everything?

  Life is a journey or a struggle.   You get what you believe.   If you believe you can’t trust people. Guess what will show up in your world. People you can’t trust.   If you believe life showers you with beauty. You will see beauty all around.   Life is the self-fulfilling prophecy.   That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to watch your thoughts, beliefs, and attitude.     Life is beautifully orchestrated.   If you allow it to Read More

What Would Your Life Be Like If You Lived It Differently?

  I believe we are getting closer to a tipping point in these chaotic times. I believe people are tired of the meanness, the hurt, and deception.   I believe we were created to be more like love than hate which is only fear.   Anger and worry are powerful forces. They are heavy burdens. Your body and mind take a beating because of them.   What if instead, you decided to take steps to a more blissful life.   What would life be like if you decided to let bliss be Read More

How Clear Are You With What You Want In Life?

  Every day is a new opportunity to decide what is important for you in your life. For instance, many of the government employees right now are just wanting a paycheck. That is what they want to survive and make it. But I would ascertain what they really want is some level of financial freedom, or a different job or occupation.   Life and hardships like these can open up new ways of thinking about what it is you really want - if you allow it.   To use it for your favor Read More