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Stay Focused On What Matters To You

  The world is craving for leaders who stand for something greater than themselves.   What is that for you?   Changing our culture is critical.   Brene Brown has a new book out, “Dare to Lead. Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.”   She says vulnerability is the only path to courage. What she found out doing her research is most people are armored in their conversations. The need to be right vs. the need to get it right. She encourages you to open up Read More

What Do You Want Out of Life Now That You Have Aged?

  Are you feeling aimless from thinking that you no longer matter in this world because you have gotten older?   Are you feeling invisible and irrelevant? Have you lost your voice and feel like nobody is listening to what you have to say anymore?   Do you catch yourself drifting, uncertain of what’s next for you?   Become fearless. You can’t change the fact that you are getting older.   As the saying goes, aging ain’t for sissies.   Your body Read More

How Can Autumn Remind You It's Time For You To Let Go?

  I love using the seasons as reminders to live your best life.   Nature’s cycles mirror our lives.   Fall is a time for letting go. It shows us the impermanence of everything. Spring brought new life. Now it’s the season to end that cycle. You notice leaves changing, the weather is becoming crisper, and animals are storing food and getting ready to hibernate. It’s the winding down part of life. By reconnecting with the seasons, you honor life’s rhythms. Embrace Read More

Are You Focused on the Problem or Being Part of the Solution?

  How do you handle situations you don’t like? Do you default to complaining and being stuck? Or, do you know there has to be a better way and are open to possibilities that you maybe can’t see?   Are there patterns to how you respond or react? Could retooling your repertoire of choices help make your life more peaceful and satisfying?   On our recent trip glamping at Bear Camp at Chilko Lake, the temperature was much cooler than I was hoping for. Snowed our first day, Read More

Can You Easily See Where Your Life Is About Sowing And Reaping?

  Life is a process of sowing and reaping.   Whatever you put in is the sowing. What you receive is the reaping.   I know for me I want to reap joy, fun and compassion. So I’m planting seeds that will allow me to receive ways to enjoy life. I’m inviting people who are uplifting and want to help others in my world. I limit the time and space for negativity. I love reading about people who overcome things. My heart deepens with more kindness and acceptance. I’m growing Read More

Staying Conscious of The Choices You Are Making and The Life You Are Creating

  I have realized how empowering it is to consciously decide what I want.   I love that I know that I am creating the life I am living. I know from the feedback I see in my life if it is heading in the direction I want or if I need to make some new choices and adjustments.   Everything you do in life is done by choice whether you realize it or not. Too often it is done by default rather than making conscious choices in the direction of what you truly want.   How do Read More

Tomorrow Is Another Day

  How much of your life is repeating the same thing you did yesterday? You know the Ground Hog Day idea.   Since life doesn’t go backward, how can you begin consciously choosing to do something new for your life today, and each day, that would benefit you?   Build a new bridge to a new direction, a new relationship or a new heaven on earth for you.   Choose one thing to focus on. Which area of your life needs your attention?   Could that be living a healthier Read More

How Risky Are You Willing To Go?

  Life is but an adventure. Never knowing what is going to happen.   How comfortable are you with the road of the unknown?   “It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.” — Seneca   Do you trust God to take you to your Highest and greatest good?   Life can be boring if you hold on for too much structure and routine. Routines provide certainty, safety and Read More

Bring Your Attention To What's Possible For You

  Every life experience matters.   Trust the journey of life and how it takes you on a trip to personal transformation. It makes your time on earth more meaningful.     There’s more to life than just going through the motions. It’s why I love personal development. Understanding what life is all about.   Life is about becoming who you are meant to be. It's about growing, learning who you really are, beyond your roles and titles. Like knowing what your superpower Read More

Prayer Is A Powerful Tool Beyond Using It As 911

    Prayer is a connection. To others. To something greater. To better feelings. To hope and possibilities. To peace. To how to live life.   Prayer is an amazing tool that honors some power beyond what we understand and comprehend, but you know it works.   Prayer brings a great sense of confidence that miracles can happen. It brings hope and possibilities.   Prayer brings a sense of peace, a knowing that someone greater than yourself can do what you can’t Read More