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What's Calling You To Your Greatness

  The spiritual journey helps you evolve to the greatest, grandest version of you, and it begins where you are.   Life becomes more meaningful when you know your purpose for your life. When you see life as more than making it through a day or your job.   You make choices based on that purpose. It helps you decide what’s most important for you to get involved with and what path to go down.   I was listening to a podcast by Kyle Cease. He said, “You are here to open Read More

Remembering What’s Important To Live Healthy, Vibrant and Fulfilled

  Are you surviving or thriving? Are you living TRUE to yourself?   How at peace is your self-talk and mind?   How much do you believe in yourself? Hopefully, you are admiring and adoring yourself.   Are you following your path, listening to what you desire to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled?   Too many people are boring and have let life take them down.   Too many people are feeling incomplete and empty while craving things from the outside to fulfill Read More

Work in Progress - An Invitation To Become More of Who You Are

  Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give. How you see yourself is how you see the world.   See yourself as you are. A gift from God.   When you choose to think higher thoughts the way God thinks, you see yourself in a totally different light, you find the good and acceptance.   The world needs more kindness and love.   As Malcolm S. Forbes says, “Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”   As you think Read More

How Can You Use Spring to Transform Your Life?

  Springtime is the time of awakening and renewal. It’s a time to let go of what is no longer serving us and enjoy more of the light of the world. As a quote from my Course of Miracles newsletter said, “Let us not dwell on the crucifixions in our lives but move on to the resurrection, the miracles that await us.”   Spring is full of transformations. Fresh buds appear. Animals awaken. Longer days. More light.   The light transforms you. It awakens you to more hope and Read More

Exploring Your Hero's Journey

  Are you struggling with where you are in life? Depressed with feeling life is lonely and sad? Feeling trapped and overwhelmed?   Life has to get bad enough for you to want to do something differently. Did that heart attack help wake you up to finally say, “It’s time to take care of me and my health?” To quit making excuses and stick with something rather than looking for the easy way out with another pill.   Have you had enough? The road of life is Read More

Are You Living Life Out Loud?

  Are you smiling and owning your greatness? Are you dancing around because Life is showering you with goodness?   Or, were you taught that was being conceited?   Are you still holding on to that belief instead of knowing you were created in the image and likeness of God?   Are you confident with all the gifts you have been given?   Not in a conceited way, but in a way acknowledging your purpose and direction God has given to you. I know over the years, I’ve Read More

Are You Playing Your Game of Life to Love?

  What is happening in the world is disturbing because the scales are out of balance.   Maybe today you have realized you want life to feel differently than the chaos happening in the world, with your struggles, or from your past.   Life is a mirror. If you are having lots of joy and happiness in your life, I would venture to say, you are looking for the good, feeling the love. If you are struggling or down on life, I would bet you are focusing more on what’s wrong with Read More

How Do You Handle Disappointments?

  Did you know your happiness is up to you? Even when life derails.   Perspective and gratitude are keys to a happy life, and to get you back on track.   For nearly a year, we had planned a family ski trip to Keystone, Colorado. All the kids marked it on their calendars. Three of the families live here so we see them often. But, Michael and his family live in Tahoe. We were really excited to have these 4 nights together in one big house so everyone could be together, cousins Read More

Become The Person You Want To Be

  What new ideas do you have about what you imagine for you in this stage of life? As Mary Pipher says in, “Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age,” we have many lifetimes within our life.   You create your own reality whether on purpose or by default. Might as well set in motion what you envision.   Who do you want to become? A Guinness World Book record holder? A heart-centered leader? More yin or yang?   Believe in yourself. Read More

Take Back Your Freedom Being Who You Are

  Freedom is the moment you stand in your truth. When you honor what is right with you. When you align with YOUR values, YOUR heart, and YOUR intuition. For instance, if you are asked to go with friends to a Who’s Who event that promotes separation of people and you believe in caring for all. You go because you want to be seen. You are going against your inner beliefs and values. You are letting the external world control you. You are not listening and aligning your life to what IS Read More