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What Do You Need to Improve Your Outlook For Your Life?

  My first reaction to improve my outlook would be that I don’t need to hear about what’s happening with national politics.   I know intellectually that I should do things that fill my soul and limit things that don’t. Yet, I continue to read the papers. The good part, is I don’t watch the news.   So maybe, you are like me, maybe not over the same item, but it is important to realize what is controlling you rather than you creating the life you Read More

How Are You Settling Instead of Living Your Dreams?

  Are you a dreamer?   I am. I believe in possibilities.   I didn’t always understand how it works. Growing up I thought the harder I worked, the more I would achieve and have in my life. But, there was a cost, it was exhausting. I was focused on doing and achieving so there was never peace or satisfaction because there was always more, or someone doing something better than I was.   Finally, after breaking apart from what I thought was the right way to do life, I Read More

How Can You Use February, The Month of “LOVE,” To Have A Life You Love?

  Think about how you can use the calendar as an opportunity to awaken to the life you want. January is the starting again month. February is a time to tell those we love how much they matter to us, it even has a special day to share this love. March brings in new growth, springtime.   Allow structures such as the yearly calendar or seasons to show you ways to bring freshness to your life. It can help pick up your spirits and allow you to see with new eyes.   The older we Read More

3 Tips To Being Conscious of Your “Ways of Being” To Live More Peacefully

  As you think about planning your day, or week or year, what do you use to guide you?                     Is it habit?         Big rocks?           Purpose?         Values?   How could being conscious of your decisions or ways of being help you live the life of your dreams?                                     Here are 3 tips that could help make choices that align with you and provide more peace and joy in your Read More

Your Happily - Ever - After Starts Today

  I don’t need to tell you that health is important because you already know and believe it! But, do you live it?   Your health affects your mood, your choices and your ability to play with your grandkids.   Make a decision today to maintain good health as you age, and to live a healthy, adventurous life.   Your first step?   Define what that looks like for you!   Look at the stories you are telling yourself. “I’m feeling old and decrepit,” Read More

Choosing A Lighter Path to 2018

  For many people, 2017 was a dark year. But, the nice part about darkness, light follows.   Just like each night falls to the rising sun in the morning.     2017 is over.   For many, there is gratitude and hope for something more. Although for many people, there are reruns after reruns of the darkness instead of making a new story or a new chapter for 2018.   Think about your 2017. What caused you darkness, sadness or frustration? You don’t want to Read More

Leave Behind Any Refusal To Be Pinned Down

  I know one of the gifts most retirees speak of is the freedom this time of life gives them. So as you begin thinking about the life you want in 2018, there can be resistance to “planning” for it or “needing” to decide what that will look like. You don’t want to be pinned down.   Yet, one of the things I know for sure is that without a vision, people perish. Your life becomes a drift. And before you know it, you have ended in destinations that were not what you intended, Read More

Dance While You Can Into 2018

  There are two ways to go through life - either laughing or crying. Wouldn't you rather laugh?   Can you allow your heart to guide you instead of your head?   Take time to quiet yourself and reflect upon 2017. Celebrate a year well lived, I hope you did that. I hope you cherished the 24 hours, the 1,440 minutes and the 86,400 seconds each day you have been given.   Find the things that made your life better - even the painful things. What brought you the most joy? Read More

Championing New Models of What's Possible

  Are you content with the status quo? Have you been afraid to live big? Speak up about what matters to you?   Think about the feelings or desires you are avoiding or covering up to fit in, keep the peace or not be hurt? Is it not doing what you really want to do?   Worried you won’t be appreciated or valued? Fear of not being loved?   How about if you made 2018 the year of YOU? Being the maverick, the go-getter or being bold and going after what you want with no Read More

Rocking The Boat in Retirement

  Wake up! There is life in retirement. There are exciting things to do.   Snowboard at almost 70 years old? My husband just kept up my son and daughter-in-law this weekend. Just think how good you feel when you’ve pushed yourself or when you challenge yourself to do something you thought you couldn’t do.   You can do it!   I’m sick of all the stories and examples of what you can’t do as you age. That’s not what I want nor do I want that for Read More