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Are You Allowing Your Heart To Guide You Or Is It The Ego?

  The ego is the unobserved mind.  The ego is your idea or opinion of yourself.  It’s the part of you that you believe is you.  You often hear about ego as the level of your self-esteem - do you feel unworthy or are you “big-headed”?  Most probably, some place in between and also depending upon the situation.  I have no ego about knowing how to fix a car.  It’s not something I want to know about, not attached to or even care about.  Therefore, my ego wouldn’t be Read More

How Willing Are You To Take Responsibility For Your Choices?

  I don’t know about you but I am tired of everyone blaming someone else.     You are responsible for YOUR LIFE.     Did you know that it is a very small percentage of people who take responsibility for their lives?   Taking responsibility empowers you.     You are an adult.  It’s not always fun to be an adult.     Adults take responsibility for their actions.     Take a look at how you are playing victim and staying in the blame Read More

How Are You Thriving in These Changing Times?

  I’ve thought a lot about the changes I’ve felt as the world has been asked to stay home.     As the saying goes, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  If your mind is racing, judgmental and chaotic that is the world you will see in your life.   I was thinking about my quest for thriving in unretirement.  My mantra or tag line is to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled. That is what I want for my life, but it’s also what I want for your life, and Read More

How Can You Look Upon This Overwhelming Time As An Opportunity to Reprioritize, Discard and Begin Anew?

  This pandemic is testing nerves, boundaries and beliefs.     Were you already on the brink of overload and full of anxiety?    Is stress causing you to overreact?     Don’t let it keep you down.  See this as a time you are being called to look within and go deeper into your desires and how you want to live your life.   What if instead as John-Roger, DSS, says, “What if you started your day with an attitude of,  “How can I use everything today for Read More

Are You Wanting Your Life To Be Different?

  Your life can be lifted by allowing love to guide your life today, and every day.   In my Course of Miracles work there are two emotions.  Love and Fear.  The Course goes on to say everything that is not love, is a call to love.     So all fear is leading you to be more loving, more of who you were created to be. It’s asking you to look at your life from a God perspective.  Like the old wristband sayings, What would God Do?   Take a look at your life from the Read More

Being Aware vs. Being Afraid

  How are you using this Covid-19 experience rather than being used by it?   As the weeks, and now months go by with a new world emerging, I hope you are making some shifts to living more from awareness than living in fear.    People are doing better jobs of hygiene by washing their hands more. People are being more grateful.  People are honoring others in a greater way. So grateful for our first responders - nurses, truckers, grocery store workers, delivery people, Read More

How Can You Create Your Space to Reflect What Matters to You?

  What is the space around you reflecting about you?   Does it show your joy, your connections, and your creativity?  Is it warm and inviting? Look around and see if there is positive energy flowing in and through your surroundings.     Notice if your rooms and closets are crammed full of stuff, where energy stops and stays stuck.  And, probably the garage and attic are the same. Take time to assess what your home and life feel like.  Step back.  Detach and be open to Read More

Use This Time To Redesign Your Life That Speaks to Your Heart and Soul

  Can you feel life is for you during this pandemic? As my Science of Mind, April 1st reads, “Despite outer appearances, something is moving in the unseen for my greater good.” It’s going to be messy.  Changes always is.  There will be a lot of uncertainty and unraveling of old patterns and beliefs.  One of the great principles of life is to “Know Thyself.”  The more you know yourself, the better you understand life.  It allows you to feel grounded and Read More

How Are You Responding To This Uncertainty?

  Fear is blinding.   Hope is a powerful force against fear.  Hope guides you towards possibilities.   Keep HOPE front and center during these uneasy times.   Think about what you need right now.  Is it a smile, is it some fresh air or some comforting words?  I have loved watching all the people in our neighborhood out walking, riding bikes and fishing.  Families are together. Kids are on bikes and scooters. One dad had his daughter on his shoulder while walking the dog and Read More

Can Being Playful in These Times of Uncertainty Help You?

  How are you having a good time during these weeks of isolation and confinement with coronavirus? It’s important to nourish yourself.  One of the ways to do that is by being more whimsical and lighthearted.  As the dictionary defines playful - “fond of games and amusement; lighthearted.  Intended for one's own or others' amusement rather than seriously.  Full of energy and a desire for fun.” Playfulness is a quality that I need to be reminded about because I have a Read More