My workshops are designed to support you in developing the essential elements and skills for creating and living an extraordinary life. The sessions are designed around these concepts:

  1. Taking responsibility for creating the life you want
  2. Knowing what you want - your desires, passions, vision for your life
  3. Aligning your desires with the way you live life
  4. Staying focused on what you desire
  5. Realizing the power of gratitude and appreciation
  6. Setting goals and milestones
  7. Living on purpose
  8. Creating daily practices for action steps

Currently, I provide the following workshops as 1.5 hour overviews, weekend workshops, or as a monthly series:

Wake Up: Taking Responsibility for Your Life
Create the Life You Love: Focusing on What You Want
Love Your Life: Finding the Balance between Desire and Gratitude
Marianne Williamson’s - A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever
Workshops are being scheduled in the Norman and OKC surrounding areas. Contact me to request a workshop in your area!