Do You Favor Feeling Right or Being Right More?

I remember decades ago when I first heard Wayne Dyer say, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” Whew, that was a big wake-up call for me.


Learning to listen to and honor what your body, mind and heart tell you is a journey.

From what I had learned from my observations to be heard and to be successful, I was to show how much I knew, I was to give my point of view and speak up if the conversation was different from what I believed or knew.

Oooh. Maybe not. What was Dr. Dyer saying? Why did it cause me to stop and ponder? I had never heard of “feeling right.”

I knew I didn’t like the discord I would feel after speaking out.

I knew I didn’t like how I felt after an argument when I was trying to prove myself.

I knew I didn’t listen to the feelings, so I moved on to “being right.”

For most people, you’ve been taught to follow the external cues, not the internal ones. Follow rules, your parents, authority, and churches with their doctrines such as The Bible and Ten Commandments.

You weren’t taught to question your feelings. I know many of my generation were taught to “not feel.” Toughen up.

So as these discrepancies appear in your life, they are there to open you up to new possibilities. To question what you think, and how you are living. Not to make you wrong, or bad, but for you to see there is more in the world than the limited perspective you see or live.

As John-Roger, DSS says, “Many people live the good life – with successful careers, great wealth, and all the security this world has to offer. What they would like more than all of that, however, is peace of mind: ”I wish my mind would leave me alone so I can feel good inside myself.”

Are you wishing for more peace of mind or peace?

Do you know it’s possible?

Which end of the spectrum do you fall more often – Feeling Right or Being Right?
I know as the world is feeling so much chaos and craziness, it’s time to question. Why is it upsetting you? For law and order people, the changes are creating havoc with what has been. For people who don’t want others or institutions telling them what to do or how to be, there is freedom, and exoneration.

Do you want to feel right or be right?

Can you be both? Certainly at times. Notice what is your focus – Making someone else wrong? Proving yourself?

I know at some point I realized I wanted peace above all else.

I didn’t like that monkey mind that was driving me crazy, thinking how not enough I was, how I wasn’t doing things right.

You know when you declare you want something, everything unlike what you desire, shows up for you to decide “Do you really want this?”

Piece by piece you decide if what you stated is true for you. That is when most people give up and go back to the known habit. Instead, choose commitment, and dedication to what’s right for you today.

For me, A Course in Miracles has saved me. The lessons, the messages, which I use as mantras when I am shifting my way of being. Like I choose peace instead of this. Yes, I really, really, really want peace above all else.

I want feeling right. I want to listen to my inner being. As Abraham-Hicks shares, listen to your emotional guidance system. Your inner being knows the Truth for you. It WILL guide you to what is right for you.

I have lost most of my need to be right. My bigger vision is to live in a world of love, kindness and peace. I try to align my thoughts, deeds and actions with what I believe. And, that doesn’t include needing to be right. It doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things.

I know I am in charge of how that happens – even when I don’t like what is going on. I’m asked to dig deeper.

Start observing whether you are more about being right or feeling right. Make little shifts to feeling better. Take the homelessness situation. Where do you stand on this issue – fine them, lock them up, or help provide places for them to stay.

Being Right or Feeling Right.

Take notice why you are taking the positions you are. Not right or wrong. More where you are – becoming conscious.

Notice what your beliefs are that are guiding your decisions.

I saw that Oklahoma has had a 23% increase in homelessness this year alone. For me, I go to what’s under all of it, why are things like this today, what’s my role with it, etc.

Life will give you many opportunities to test your beliefs if you notice and pay attention to how you are feeling.

Pay attention to the issues or situations where you take one side more than the other. Like being right. Are there other issues and situations you ride more on the other side? Like feeling right.

Notice where things don’t even matter, and you have a need to be right. For instance, it was raining and messed with my walking. The weather people said it was supposed to stop at a certain time. It didn’t. So I felt myself ruffling, making them wrong, rather than just noticing it is still raining and when it stops, I can go.

Crazy what we add to our lives that causes stress. How my mantra, “I can choose peace instead of this” works beautifully.

Begin today to value how you feel. To give your emotional guidance system more credence.

Decide to live more peacefully and freely so that you can live a more loving and kind life.

How can being aware of this idea of Favoring Feeling Right or Being Right More can help you live closer to the life you desire?