How Open Are You About Travel?

One of the things I love to do is travel.

Travel opens up your world, your perceptions and your heart.

There are numerous ways to travel.

I love the opportunities traveling provides. I know when we are on the road in our motorhome it is wonderful to connect with the different people all out to enjoy nature and the outdoors. I love the ease of flying to get there quickly.

These days virtual reality allows you to feel like you are having the live experience of travel.

I just returned from a girls’ trip in Greece. I read they were the 2nd friendliest place to visit.

Here we are in Athens. We had no idea how many people lived there. Can you see all the dwellings behind us? Whew. The history is rich and old. It makes you realize how young the USA is.

Fun to climb all the different Acropolis in the various cities we explored.

We went to Ephesus and learned a lot about the religious world there.

Friends in Greece 2024

Amazing all the people out to explore the ancient world’s history.

There’s much to explore in this big world if you are open and willing.

You can receive more than you thought you were going to. We were delayed leaving Athens which caused us to miss our connection in Chicago to return home. We had to stay over as did a huge plane full of people. But, what was so neat, was to see how 6% of separation is truly real. I noticed lots of the people who were in the lines waiting to be rebooked on other flights. Well, just by chance, or is it, that this family sat next to us as we waited the next day to return home. Come to find out, they have a lake house at the edge of one of the ladies I traveled with in NE Oklahoma. Can you imagine the conversations that took place as we were discovering that? Being across the world, and having someone live right at your doorstep. He even wanted to know about the fire hydrant in the middle part of her property.

Travel brings out the best in people and the worst. It brings out your best qualities and your worst – like when you miss flights or wait in loooong lines. Or can you allow yourself the opportunity to live greater? Like, meet your new neighbors?

What are your thoughts about travel?

How do you see travel as your life’s journey?

Greece Ephesus

You see all kinds of people when you are traveling. People where travel is easy, and where travel is labored for them. But they are out there, willing to get around. Something within them is not holding them back. They are tenacious, open and determined even though getting around might be difficult for them. I love it. Something greater is pulling them up and about.

My girlfriends were a little taken back when I was tentative, resistant might be a better word when they wanted to go into this port that we were rerouted to. I shared I wasn’t very open about exploring countries I don’t know my way around and where I can’t read the language. I was uncertain about how far out I was willing to go. I’m brave in many ways, but uneasy in others. Just like about life.

Traveling can teach you a lot about yourself.

How open are you about travel?

How can you use travel as a means to open you to a whole new world, and a whole new world of discovery about you?

Let travel open your eyes to all that is out there, right before you that you might not have ever noticed.

Are you ready to upgrade your experience of life through travel?

If yes, watch your world open to greater awareness and possibilities for your life.