What Are The Simple Acts Of Love You Are Doing Throughout Your Day?

The world needs more love, kindness and compassion.

What you choose to do has a huge impact on your life, the lives around you, and the collective.

It all begins with you. You are consciously choosing how you want your life to be and go.

It seems we all want more love. The way to receive more love is to give more of it away. Unconditionally.

What are some simple acts of love you share?

Is hugging someone, whether for joy or holding someone who is in distress?

Is that listening purely to hear what someone else is saying?

Is that volunteering for a cause that matters to you?

What are your ways to show love?

Feel how you feel as you share these simple acts.

Can you allow that peace, joy and contentment to fill your body and soul?

Think about how you could be generous today. Generous with

Acts of kindness

Acts of appreciation

Acts of affection

Lots of different ways to share love.

Life can be simple yet so rich and so fulfilling.

Collectively, we have made life seem so hard. We have allowed external factors to guide our lives more than our hearts. Like competition or comparing power over and money.

How can you return to a simpler focus of sharing love, goodness and compassion?

As John Roberts, DSS states, “We are here to learn one thing primarily: inner peace. Amidst all else, when you put your body on the line and get your actions lined up with your loving, you can experience this inner peace.”

What if you knew that everything before you was a mirror to help you return to love? Yes, including all the hurt and hardship.

Different things break you open. Open to more love. I know it does not seem like it at the time.

What is receiving your attention today? The good and the bad?

Can you understand and know how each of those things you listed as good and bad can help you open up more to love and peace? For instance, I have a hard time with a lot of chaos. I like more order because I feel more peaceful – sometimes more in charge. But the good from the craziness of chaos is that it is an opportunity for me to surrender, to allow what is rather than resist it and feel stressed and uptight. It allows me to see how that state of being is not how I like or want to feel. Chaos captures my attention and makes me feel grumpy. It’s a chance for me to be detached from external and work more of what I can control, which is me, and how I want to be and feel.

Life is asking you to awaken to a higher way of being.

Find ways today to allow yourself to be happy with who you are.

How you are loving yourself.

How you are trusting yourself.

How you are honoring yourself.

How you are valuing yourself.

Can you imagine how great you would feel if you gave yourself some simple acts of love every day?

Whew, my body already began relaxing my shoulders and breathing deeper just thinking about that and how it feels.

What if when you met up with another or read about someone you dislike, you could take a moment to say and think, “I only know your Divinity?”

Be curious about how that interaction would unfold when you are in that loving energy.

What are some small ways you are willing and open to share more love today, tomorrow and on, and on?

Let today’s message be a wake-up call to share simple acts of loving throughout your day.

Make sharing loving acts a priority. Watch how your life changes and how you begin to receive more and more love.

Magical. What you give, you receive.