What Decisions Are You Making Today That Support Your Dreams?

You make decisions all day long.

Are they in the direction of what you desire:

For Your Life?

For Your Health?

For Your Well-Being?

For Your Dreams?

As my health coach shared with me, ” I should choose “supportive” foods for the way I want to feel and that help with my healing.”

Think about that for yourself.

What are your decisions that are supportive of how you want to feel?

What are your decisions that are supportive to help with your healing?

I know at this age everything seems like how to be healthier, prevent disease and help with aging.

One of the things I believe is food is medicine. So if I believe that:

Are my decisions with my food focused on eating things that keep the inflammation away? Inflammation is among the greatest factors in heart disease, ageing, diabetes, etc.

Am I choosing foods that help with gut health? Digestion is a big deal as you age.

Do I make sure my meal choices include lots of protein to build my muscles since we lose so much muscle mass as we age?

What decisions are you making that are supporting your dreams? Appreciate and acknowledge all that you do. Decide to adjust or change other decisions that don’t support your dreams or the direction you want your life to go.

It’s a moment-to-moment decision. You are making hundreds and thousands of decisions all day long.

Allow yourself to choose again.

I would venture to say most momentary decisions are made without thinking about your dreams.

Most decisions are based on habits and beliefs rather than where you want to go. That’s why you stay the same or get stuck in situations you say you’d like differently.

I am on a Greek Isle Cruise with 3 girlfriends because I, we, made decisions a year ago to make this real and happen for us. We initially made many decisions, like where we wanted to go – visit the Greek Isles. Many choices we saw didn’t give us a way to really visit a number of the islands. Most options were to visit other places, too. We could have chosen those, but they weren’t what we wanted. That was an important decision for us at the beginning. Along the way, we had to decide what to do and how much everything would cost us. Ultimately, we decided to exchange our currency for euros and all the details we needed to ensure our trip would be relaxing and fun.

It was a dream come true because of the decisions we made to make it happen. We stayed clear and supported each other in the process. It is so fun to travel with girlfriends.

Think about something immediate that you’d like to happen. What are the decisions you know you need to make? Allow some you haven’t thought of to pop up for you, too. Play with it, but become aware of all the decisions you make to ensure they ARE in the direction of your desire.
Not all of life will be as conscious as thinking about your dreams. If you can begin paying attention to what you truly desire, your dreams, or your bucket list, you will begin noticing how you feel as you make certain decisions.

You will know what feels right and light for you.

You will see how easily you go off course.

You will see how you can decide again, and again, and again.

The more aware you are of your decisions, the more likely your life will be in the direction of your desires.

Be present.

Decide you are willing to notice how you are making decisions and how they are supporting your desires and dreams.

We are big fans of the University of Oklahoma girls’ softball team. They just won the Women’s National Championship for the 4th time, something nobody has done. Just think about that. Just think about ALL the decisions they had to make to get to that level, stay at the top, and keep pushing themselves. Whew. I heard one of the pitchers say, “I’ve had to teach myself to let go of the past pitch and stay focused on what I want this one to be.” That’s a lot of discipline and focus. That’s being present in what is right at this point and time. Look at what she received because of all her decisions to support her dreams.

Abraham-Hicks says, “A decision is the focusing of the Energy of desire, and the decision point happens when the desire is powerful enough.”

Are your dreams powerful enough?

Decide today to support your dreams.