Who Are You Today After All These Decades of Living?

Who are you today?

You are not the same person you were a decade ago or as a teenager. Have you allowed yourself to change, to be more of who you came here to be?

Are you noticing and acknowledging all the ways you’ve changed? Are you focused on whom you are becoming?

One of the great messages of life is to Know Thyself.

Have you been willing to explore who you are?

Are you more accepting of all of you today than yesterday or years ago?

I can clearly see how I have evolved. For much of my life, I’m not sure I wondered who I was. I thought in a more limited version of myself, who I thought I was supposed to be. I tried hard to be that. Rather than be curious and wonder what is important to me, what MY core values are and what brings great joy and peace to me, I allowed my past to keep repeating itself. I spent too much of my life trying to please – others, what I thought others wanted from me, and who I thought I needed to be. I am more at peace with who I am today. I have miles to go in truly owning all of me, moving more into embodying me and releasing the outside influences that have a hold on me. I still have many attachments.

Where are you on the spectrum of the ego’s beliefs? Beliefs of

Lack? Attachments? Control?

Which ones of these ego beliefs drive your life today? Have you ever thought about how these are leading your decisions? Acknowledge where you have made growth.

Boldly stand up for yourself.

Think about yourself when interacting with others – your intimate relationships, your circle of friends and your colleagues or other groups you are involved with.

Who are you?

You are an extension of God, a Higher Power or the Universe. What does that mean to you?

As Ernest Holmes writes, “Until we awaken to the fact that we are One with the nature of God, we shall not find the way of life.”

Life is the journey to finding this Oneness, your connection to all that “isness.”

Do you have the courage to discover and struggle with this understanding?

Notice when you are willing.

Notice what keeps you hidden or resisting discovering more of who you really are..

Can you own all of who you are, especially your greatness? Can you see how all qualities are part of the whole and part of the oneness? The goal is to not identify with any. It is to know you are all. To notice the Oneness of it.

Can you allow yourself to be in the flux of the discovery of yourself?

To flow with the present?

To flow with new challenges and experiences in your life?

To flow with the uncertainty of new ideas that unsettle you?

Life is about discovering who you are.

I know today I listen more to my inner wisdom, rather than always being influenced by outside factors like keeping up with the Jones phase of life. I do more of noticing these triggers and see what I discover about myself. I know they have messages for me.

Are you ready to awaken to a larger version of who you are?

You are more. Life has challenged and rewarded you at every stage of your life. Maybe you haven’t acknowledged or paid attention to this evolution of yourself.

Let today wake you up to seeing the magic and miracles of how life works.

Living in an enlightened state allows you to see more of who your true nature is.

You are being called to live more fully.

Find more of the magic and miracles working in your life to help you be who you were created to be.

Who are you ready to become?