How Can Vulnerability Propel You in 2015?

It’s NEW YEAR, and with it, new opportunities. But for most people, it will not be a new year at all, but rather a time much like the past. Are you willing to live BIGGER than you have? You are the director of your life. You can choose the roles and adventure that will fulfill your dreams.

I have declared 2015 as a breakout year for me!!!!! I plan to build my coaching business. I spent 2014 learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur. How do I build my business? What does that take? I feel uncertain because I haven’t marketed a business before. I have coached clients. I love, love that. Now, I want more people to experience the benefits of that service. I need help, guidance, and an open mind to create a business.


It is scary! It is scary being a beginner when I was at the top of my game in education. I am allowing myself to be vulnerable. It is hard for me. Vulnerability means that I have to let my guard down and hold no pretenses.

Vulnerability allows you to be innocent while being strong. It allows you to be strong while being compassionate. Vulnerability allows you to open to your authentic self that has the courage and strength to survive your fears.

Vulnerability is the foundation of your power.  

So, as you think about your 2015, as James Wedmore stated, “I want to encourage you to take this time to create a year that works. A year that you LOVE!

If we met up in December, 2015, what would need to happen for you to have an extraordinary year? What did you create? What did you experience?”

Take the time now to create your 2015.
Are you like me and need to allow yourself to be VULNERABLE so you can have a breakout 2015? Are you willing to live BIGGER?
Share with me below your plans for 2015.

1 thought on “How Can Vulnerability Propel You in 2015?”

Sue Heath

Great website/blog Dottie! Best Wishes for accomplishing your intentions for 2015!
Being vulnerable for me right now is entering into a time of life where I am losing contemporaries and/or watching them AND seeing myself dealing with more physical consequences of life priorities and actions (placing work in front of caring for my physical self). I retired last June after 44 consecutive years as an educator: 8 years teaching; 17 years of district /state leadership and national consulting; and concluding with 19 years as a principal. For the first time in these 44 years I have given myself permission to do whatever in world I choose to do. My consistent efforts have been exercising consistently and eating in much more healthy ways. I have lost 40 lbs. and am strengthening muscles surrounding knee that are shot from arthritis and disintigrating discs in my lower back. That is what I plan to continue in 2015 and enjoy the results of a healthier body so I can do even more physically demanding and enjoyable endeavors and relish the pleasures that manifest. Envision my success with me!

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