What Others Are Saying

lisa_conneryLisa Connery, MD  |  Dottie’s program “Making Your Dreams Come True” proved to be truly life changing for me. The power in Dottie’s work comes from her unique ability to combine principles of psychological and emotional health with tools of spiritual transformation. Either without the other is incomplete, and Dottie masterfully weaves all of these aspects together to create profound forward movement and positive change for an individual.

Actually doing the daily homework, reading her affirmations and completing the journal reflections were all tools that allowed me to make major changes in my life. Since completing Dottie’s course, my work life has transformed to a more relaxed, positive situation, financial abundance is pouring in, and I now have the romantic, spiritual, soulmate relationship with the man of my dreams that I have always longed for.

Dottie’s course delivered more than I could have ever hoped –all of my dreams really are coming true, and it just keeps getting better and better!!

Kandis West | Kandis“When I started coaching with Dottie, I was a new mother, a new wife and had just entered into a new career. I was responsible for and to so many other people that I just lost myself in the process. I began to feel powerless, like I lacked control over any aspect of my life. I started making bad choices because I felt like I had no choices. I became overweight, I separated from my husband and became a single mother seemingly overnight.

After a few months of coaching with Dottie, I began to change my own life. Six years later, I have recognized my own power and owned it. Other people recognized my power and ability too. Today, I am reunited with my husband and we celebrated our 7th anniversary. We had another baby girl! I have reached my ideal weight and I am making three times more money than when I started my sessions with Dottie.

Dottie’s sessions help expose you to the wonderfulness that already exists inside of you. Then you learn to share the gifts and talents that you naturally possess with the world. And in turn, you will be rewarded with a richer, fuller life that is out there for you.”