Adventure of a Lifetime!

One of the most fun things about the relationship Bo and I have is the adventurous spirit we share. We both like keeping our relationship alive and fun. At the first of the month, we marked off another item from our bucket lists. We both had this one. We spent a week white water rafting in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. We were ONE with it!!! It was absolutely the most breathtaking and fun adventure. It was so unbelievable to see the magnificence of the Canyon, to learn about the geology, enjoy the white water, hike, meet new adventurers, and just capture the essence of one of the wonders of the world. Oh, my!

The hiking adventures were amazing to climb into caves, to straddle cliffs, to shimmy through crevices to find waterfalls, to trek to rapids to float through them. Each hike was an adventure itself never mind all the other things we got to do in a day. We’d raft awhile each day, stop for lunch, hike (some days, two hikes), raft some more, and then our guide leader would choose the perfect site to camp. We’d stake out our spot to set up our tent as the other people on the trip chose theirs. Since we really don’t do much camping, it was quite the adventure for Bo and me to put up our tents. The first two nights we were lucky because it went up quickly. The third night was too funny. We could not figure it out for a while. Finally once we had gotten it, Bo said let’s remember this bar goes over the green spot on the tent, and this one goes here, etc. How easy would that have been from the start? It was 5 nights in sleeping bags and a tent. The 6th night on the river we stayed in bunk beds in a dorm room with the 6 other people and our guide who would walk out of the Grand Canyon with us. It was ecstasy because we had a toilet and a shower that wasn’t river water.

Our final day, we walked out of the Grand Canyon from Phantom Ranch. It was a 9.7 mile hike that started at 2500 elevation to 7000 on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Wow, what an amazing climb – to see where we had been as we climbed higher and higher – nearly 6 hours later. Talk about an adventure of a lifetime! What adventure is on your list?

(We went with OARS Adventure group. They take care of all the details, we just enjoyed the experience.)