After Today, What Behavior of Yours Do You Want to Upgrade?


Wild success in life is all about the choices you are making.


Each moment of life is a teaching moment. Each person you meet is a Holy Encounter.


Life is about learning and discovering who you really are. How are you taking advantage of each day and what it has to offer you?


Think about:


What was great about your life today?

What did you learn today – about yourself and others around you?

What strengths of yours did you use today?

What inspired you?

What were you grateful for today?


By asking empowering questions, you find direction and possibilities. You find what matters to you.  


Life is easier and more fulfilling.


Where attention goes, energy flows. You take charge of your life by calling forth more of what you want.


You can create the life you want when you keep looking at it by building on your desires and strengths. This brings the good into your life.


Life can take you off course quickly.


But, by establishing simple tools like using these reflection questions, you can change the course of your life. You are thinking about a more meaningful life, one that is dear to you, not just doing each day over and over.


You can also have a conversation with yourself about what behavior of yours needs to be upgraded? Just like for me, I needed more YIN or feminine energy in my life. I need to live more from my heart, the feelings, the empathy, the connectedness, intuition, and vulnerability.


I’m working on it. I’m catching myself when I go into old patterns that are no longer serving me.


What obstacle In your life is making you better?


By living more deliberately, you will find joy and gratitude for you and your life.