Are Other’s Messages Secretly Overtaking You?

Life is always giving back to you what you give out. As you think about what guides your life, what are those principles for you – be kind, compassionate, and do unto others as you would have done to you?

“How are they working for you?”

Do you truly allow your principles to help you as you make decisions, as you interact with people and go about your day to day discussions? I know most people say those things but how are you about walking the talk?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the media, politics and horror of things around you if that is your focus and the world you are surrounding yourself. How can use those situations as guideposts of what you don’t want, and spend more talk, energy on what you do want like living your life principles? How can you be part of the solution rather than keeping talking and engaging about the problems? Work on your circle of influence – your own life, your family, your extended family, your job, your friends, your colleagues, your church, and your environment and see where you and others in your circle can be kinder, more compassionate or whatever your standards of life are. It all starts with you and me DECIDING we do want a world, a community that is kinder, compassionate and lives the golden rule.

Take a moment to look where there is some disharmony in your life, and ask how you could shift that to be more in harmony with what’s most dear to you.

I know as I was growing up, I was in a very traditional church for more decades than not of my life. During my time there, my church taught me it was the only one, that its principles were the only way it was. But as life happened over and over there were situations that had me questioning those truths. Then I realized that yes, some of those principles were good but some were very judgmental, hurtful, hateful and cruel. One of the early ones was when a friend of mine was getting married in a “different” church and I wanted to go. I was taught, and interpreted, that if I entered that church I would go to hell because I was to only go to my church. How could I not feel guilty, hurt? Which do I choose, my friend’s wedding or the church I go to? What guilt and shame I felt for years. That builds up and creates inner disharmony. Such as,

Crazy ways I made all that mean in my life was:

  • “My church” was better than yours.
  • My way vs. Your Way
  • You were bad or wrong if you chose a different church.
  • I was Good vs. Others choices Bad
  • Our way of thinking was the “right” way.
  • I’m Right vs. Others are Wrong

What was kind, caring about those thoughts? I felt conflict about differences, differing opinions or ideas that weren’t “my” church or their doctrine. Those thoughts of separation built over the years.

I let “others” influence my decisions. Until I realized, I had a choice. I have choice with every situation to decide if it fits my principles of how I want my life to be. Does it take work, yes. For sure at the beginning, but it also creates harmony and joy because I am listening to my inner guidance of what is right for my life, my serving the world to help thousands live a life of more joy, love and abundance.

Sometimes it seems so crazy the things you pick up in life and follow as the way it is. I ask you take some time and make sure you are following the path that is right for you.

I am so thankful that my world burst open from my righteous ways even though it was quite painful. I now see things from a more loving, kind, compassionate way rather than being the judgmental, limited person I was during that time. So freeing.

Where in your life can you begin looking at places in your life you aren’t living to the highest? Where could you open to more loving, joyful ideas of how life can be?

Take this holiday season to look at all you have to be thankful for and why you are thankful for that. What does it add to your life? Cherish all the ways your life is in harmony. Find ways to share more of that gratitude and appreciation.

As “tis the season to be jolly” is approaching, how can you be more joyful, merry and give more of that?

Life gives back that which you are giving.