Are You A Personal Development Junkie Like Me?

I can’t get enough.  I love to learn.

Right now I am fixated on learning how to be a successful online entrepreneur.

It amazes me the potential and the creativity.  I am in awe.

I love to help people see possibilities and boy, are there lots of those in this global, online world.  My e-course teacher is from Australia.  My virtual assistant is from Wisconsin.  My social media assistant is from Croatia.

Thank goodness for Email, Skype, Zoom and Slack.  We stay connected.

Did you know how big this work is?  Amy Porterfield shared that the online training industry is $107B business this past year.

It’s ginormous!  And, I am glad that I am part of it.

I believe in it.  I know there is a way to make it happen. 

 I just have to be open and willing to learn. And, be willing to be uncertain and uncomfortable in not knowing all of it.

Definitely not easy at times.

Right now, my focus has been on how do I attract my ideal clients, active Boomers and Retirees who want to live this chapter of their life healthy, vibrant and fulfilled.

That means I have A LOT to learn.

Learning what my ideal clients want.

Learning how to market and find them in this big world.

Learning how to use social media to connect with them.

I am committed to making a difference and helping Boomers and Retirees live their best life.

There’s so much available.  I can wander for hours.

Whatever your interests are, find others who are doing what you love.  Learn from the best.

Let them mentor you, coach you and help you live the life you want.

Find other people that you resonant with that are striving to do what you want.  Let them be your mirror of what’s the next step for you to take.

Just recently I learned about TeaVolution.  It’s a Facebook group.

“The Vision for this group is to connect with other entrepreneurs following their dreams. Lasting businesses are built on solid relationships with other people who understand your drive and creative spirit.  The more you help and support others the more the Universe supports and uplifts you.” 

It is the neatest concept.  You set up “virtual teas” to have chats with other members in the group.

These are people all over the world.  I just had a chat yesterday with someone from Newfoundland and Labrador, the most easterly province in Canada.  He teaches how to speak professionally.  His career was with the telephone company.  So great to learn about how he transitioned to coaching others since he retired.

I want you to know your life matters.  I want you to know if you are still here there is much more you are called to do.

You have a contribution that the world needs.

One of the important things about learning something new is to make sure you have a support base that encourages and inspires you to keep on, keeping on as you work through the uncharted territory.  TeaVolution is a wonderful support team.

I am creating an ebook about 50 Ideas to Thriving in Retirement – Breaking Age Barrier Stereotypes.  I share about a 105-year-old who recently rode more than 14 miles in an hour or 80-year-old twin sisters who walked the Appalachian Trail. How would you like to be at the top of your game?  Or, how about 85-year-old Warren Buffet still going strong with being one of the richest men in the world. Let him show you what one of the best investors is doing and copy some of his practices.

Decide what you love and want to pursue during your retirement years.

Let others who have gone before you, guide you, walk with you and help you achieve your dreams.

Learning is fun and great for your spirit and mind.

Go forth where few others have gone.

Thrive in unRetirement.

 Share with me what you are learning or what you want to learn more about on my Facebook page.