Are You A Super Ager?

What you focus on you become.

I have become quite interested in how I can live well, especially as I’m aging. Recently, a couple of articles captured my attention. The November AARP Bulletin’s Super Agers and Dr. Gabrielle Lyons’ new book, Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well.

How much of your day, week, and life are you paying attention to your health?

Whether you are in your 30s, 40s, 60s or 80s, today is the time to begin taking responsibility for your well-being.

For each person, the need will present itself in differing ways. Often,

Mid-life there is a lot of emotional and mental well-being at risk.

Boomers tend to have more physical and mental concerns.

Where are you right now with your well-being in your spiritual, financial, physical, mental, and emotional self?

Does it matter to you? Are you willing to live your best life and make some changes if necessary?

Being honest with where you are is the beginning of deciding whether you will be a super ager or not.

You choose.

“We have to let go of the past, remove the expectations we had, and keep striving forward so we can move a little closer to our happiness.” unknown

Your past does not have to define your future. Today can be a new day for you to begin living healthier and moving easier.

I know Bo and I talk to our kids about the need to begin right now where they are to take care of all aspects of their health and well-being. They are planting the seeds for their tomorrow. We both feel like because we had been proactive with taking responsibility for our lives, we are living the benefits of that today.

Bo recently found out one of his colleagues has a brain tumor. He’s a great businessman, running a successful company and very involved with that business sector. But, with this diagnosis, his focus has totally changed. He has put his interest and energy in how do I heal, make this better.

You can prioritize your health right now based where YOU are with some practices that make a difference.

How can you take charge to be a super ager before you HAVE to? How can you make the best decision for yourself today because it is BEST for you and the life you have left to live?

AARP November Bulletin has a special report on Super Agers. They define “a “Super Ager” as someone over 80 with an exceptional memory—one at least as good as a person 20 to 30 years younger.” They are sharing how some 80 and 90s stay sharp and have youthful energy. To me, that’s inspiring. Those messages are the ones I’m attracted to – wondering how can I be that or at least the best I can where I am.

Here’s some of the highlights:

“Super agers control their blood sugar and blood pressure.”
“Super agers talk to their friends — a lot.”
“Super agers have a physically and intellectually active lifestyle.”

Where are you on that spectrum?

Where could you begin to change or shift your way of being? As one of my mentors, Dr. Kim D’Eramo says, “Only 2% more willing and 2% shift in what you are doing.” Don’t take an all-or-nothing attitude. Choose one thing and, work for 21 days with it, integrate it into your life. Like only having sweets twice a week instead of every day. Or, call friends each week. Or, take a walk – even just around the block. It doesn’t have to be major.

One of the facts in the bulletin is that more older people are dying from falls. Well, that alerts me. What can I do to ensure that’s not me? I know I do yoga and strength-building to be as strong and flexible as I can. It encourages me to be more committed.

What are you doing to not be that statistics?

Dr. Gabrielle Lyons’ new book, Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well focuses on doing some weight training. Keeping your body strong. You lose your muscle mass at alarming rates as you age.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon states in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, November 12, 2023,

“Skeletal muscle is the largest endocrine organ system in the body. When you think about it, you go to the doctor and you get your heart checked, your lungs, your thyroid—and yet we completely overlook the skeletal system, an organ system that makes up 40 percent of body weight. We have to measure strength as well, whether it’s via hand grip strength, walking speed, or how many push-ups, sit-ups, or squats one can do.” 

She goes on to say, “Muscle is the organ of longevity. If we shift our paradigm of thinking to focus on muscle, we can change the way that we age and optimize our health and wellness in a way that not just creates physical strength, but creates mental strength as well.” 

How can you begin today building muscle?

Go buy a few standing weights, whether 2 pounds or 10 pounds, depending on your strength. Make a 10-minute routine of using these.

Join a gym that offers senior classes that work on strength, balance, and flexibility.

Find an exercise app – like Carrie Underwood’s, Fit52. She offers LOTS of variety for differing needs. Like 5 minutes or hour-long ones. Even varying levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Keep books and articles around like Dr. Lyon’s or AARP Super Agers to remind you of how important it is to do something about your health.

Find something that works for you. Put reminders in your phone to help you create a habit.

Give yourself the best gift ever. Prioritize your health and well-being as you age. Shoot for the stars to become a super ager whether that’s possible or not. You and your life will be better for it.

Share with me what YOU are doing.