Are You Allowing or Resisting What Is Coming To You?


Life is happening.


You are experiencing it based on your beliefs, experiences, and perspective.


The more empowered you feel, the life will feel different for you than if you feel like a victim of the circumstances of life. Life is mirroring you.


Whatever you are paying attention to or those things that trigger you are showing you what you believe and what needs healing.


You can’t control what is happening externally.


We are all trying to make sense of this time in our world.


Look in your heart and mind. Notice what is going on there. Your thoughts are creating the world in which you live. Are you in the fight, or are you seeing the kindness and heroism?


The changes needed to begin within.


You attract what you are like.


The world needs more love, compassion, and kindness more than ever.


People are feeling fatigued. They are worn out.


I was recently reminded from Sacra Nicholas’s talk at Morning Star Spiritual Center that history shows us that there are stages to it.


I think that can be very helpful as you navigate all that is happening in your life. I think it can help take some of the pressure off when you can see a higher hand in the circumstances of your life.


In Strauss and Howe’s, The Fourth Turning, “They describe a four-stage cycle of social or mood eras, which they call “turnings.” The turnings include: “The High,” “The Awakening,” “The Unraveling,” and “The Crisis” stages. We are presently in The ‘Crisis’ stage. Strauss and Howe in 1997 predicted a climax coming around 2020 and ending around 2026: “Sometime before 2025 America will pass through a great gate in history” and “the very survival of the nation will feel at stake.”


Understanding you are in the “Crisis” stage can help you understand why things feel so off. Life requires significant changes to many things you hold sacred and foundational.


“The ‘Crisis’ phase is also known as the “Fourth Turning” when the hero generation, entering young adulthood, faces off against the prophet generation entering elderhood. In this case, as the Boomer Generation retires and the Millennial generation takes the wheel, this cycle ends.”


It seems hard to believe how close their ideas relate to what is happening in our lives right now.


That is why I am asking you if you allow or resist what is happening.


Remember, what you resist persists.


When you can acknowledge the truth but leave out the “fight,” you can reach higher to be a beacon of light rather than in the problems. Yes,


There is war in Ukraine.

There are homeless all around us.

There is a divide in our country and around the world.


Don’t deny the things that bother you but rise higher. Rise to the solution. Be with what is. Feel all that is there and acknowledge it. Let the anger or disbelief propel you to action. Emotions can be a way to more significant insights.


Think of Strauss and Howe’s statement; another generation is soon to take over.


Are you allowing and resisting someone else taking over? Can you be okay about letting go of what was?


Notice your reactions to that. Their needs are not what the Boomers like. They are facing the world from their perspective and needs. Yes, they can use history and wisdom to help move forward or create something more extraordinary.


Things are changing and shifting.


Become aware of the destructive patterns that keep you resistant.


Life is easier when you move out of resistance.


Be responsible for your part.


There’s too much darkness in our minds and lives.


The world needs you and me to bring back light to whatever darkness wants to be released.


Allow yourself to move to a higher state of being by healing your part of this darkness in the world.


A helpful tip to move beyond what is happening is to think about what Kristen Noel says, “What condition do you want to be in when you arrive on the other side ” of whatever you are experiencing. Be that. Keep that your focus.


Think about how do you want to be.


Light and love often come after darkness.


Allow those things you desire to flow in the direction of where you’d like to go.


Kindness and respect start in your heart.


Allow life to evolve. Trust that God, or the Universe, knows what is highest and best for our lives.