Are You Awakening Each Morning Feeling Prosperous and Blessed?

How are you starting your day?

Look around the room you are in.

Does it make you come alive?

Notice the different items. Do you feel prosperous and blessed as you think about them? Do they bring you great joy? Are they 10s?

If not, it’s time to make some changes. The world around you affects you. Like in my study, I have many pictures of my family and quotes. I have this bright pink lantern we got when we were in Vietnam; great memories. I have my incest that I love smelling.

I am blessed and prosperous. My rooms show it. They show it because I am surrounded by things that bring joy and smiles to my face and being.

I get to plan my life. I get to do things I love to do. I get to be with people I love.
How can you awaken each day so you can feel prosperous and blessed?

As John-Rogers, DSS says,

“Some people go inside and do spiritual exercises: their mind and emotions unlock, and they start this free flow of upward energy (or maybe the energy comes down and pulls them up).” They start to realize, “God loves and cares that I exists.”

Start your day with 10 ways you are grateful.

Love yourself enough to take excellent care of your body so your journey on earth is easier. Think about how you can care for your body – move, laugh, eat, and be kinder with your thoughts.

I guess one of the gifts of aging is that it truly brings you to your knees about how blessed you are to have another day. I feel so prosperous with good health, great friends and family, and lots of freedom.
One of my daily quotes says, “I view Life as a joyous dance.” Doesn’t it make you want to move, get up and shake around? Well, at least bring a smile to your face to feel prosperous.

Begin taking the time each morning to notice how prosperous and blessed you are.

Did you know by the time most people begin their day, their light bulb is almost completely burnt out before they get out the door? So you must consciously decide how you can bring more light and prosperity to you.

Be aware of how you resist life – fighting for your limitations rather than allowing life to flow through you. The more you let go of resistance, the more prosperous you feel. You can see how life IS giving you what you desire and need.

Life is for you.

Maybe trying to help you relax and enjoy more.

Maybe trying to open you to more possibilities.

Maybe trying to show you how you ARE blessed, even though, maybe at the moment, it doesn’t feel like it.

Find ways to enjoy life more. Be curious, explore, and become more aware of all the goodness around you.

What new routines, thoughts, or beliefs can you add that will exponentially create a more blessed life? Is it meditation, not looking at your phone until after a certain time, getting out for a morning walk, or reading things that uplift your life?

You are creating your life.

Decide to create a life of prosperity and gratitude. It feels good.

Fill your world with joy, and you will notice how blessed and prosperous you are.

Joy is a game-changer. If the only thing you did was find more ways to add joy to your life, you will have a world full of abundance in every aspect of your life.

What do you need to change the way you begin your day?

How can you awaken each morning feeling prosperous and blessed?