Are You Chasing The Right Thing To Feel Fulfilled?


How can love be more important than things?


How can joy be more important than getting things done?


Too often in life, you have thought having things would bring great happiness or fulfillment to life.  


Yet in reality, the truth is, there is momentarily satisfaction in acquiring that new TV or car.  But, usually, there is a quest for something else.  It doesn’t fill the need you thought it might.


Society has taught in order to be successful you have to acquire this title, job, or this level of financial means.  Yet, after years of hurrying to accomplish that, there is still a void.


It’s not bad.  It’s just not the fulfillment you believe you want.


Look at the Olympics, these athletes pushing to become the greatest, and then what?  Same way with the most highly paid actors or athletes.  You see that some of them break down or lose everything they worked so hard to get.  




For too many people, this search or accomplishment for value or being noticed is outside of themselves.  They believe they will receive the inner desire from something outside of themselves.  It won’t happen. 


The material world or the world outside of yourself cannot bring the peace or fulfillment you think it will.  


You have forgotten yourself.  Your real needs and desires.  


It’s the inner state of being that brings true fulfillment.  When those are addressed, then your life feels joy, peace, and contentment.  


Not when you accomplish great feats.  Yes, they can be wonderful and exciting and keep you moving forward in life, but the problem arises from where your focus is.  


The truth is your core values and feelings fulfill your needs, not the outside material world – the job, the money. Yes, it can spur you on.  But when you make the shift and let your core feelings guide your life, then the fulfillment and joy will be complete and real. 


For instance, if you went for the gold for the love and joy of being your best, that is way more fulfilling than proving yourself or needing to be better than others.


The wonderful part is it’s just a shift in perspective.  You let your inner feelings and values guide you.  Not from the outside world.  


Instead of being too busy getting to work or doing this, you allow yourself time to connect with your inner being, knowing that the Universe is supporting you and all will work out perfectly.  You know you will be guided to what’s next.  You have something greater than you guiding you.  You are connected to the Source of all possibilities.


What are you chasing?  


What would you need to shift to let the Universe guide your life to your Highest Self?  


Do you have beliefs that you are to do everything on your own?


Do you believe that there is a Higher purpose for your life?


Do you believe that God wants you to live from the mountaintop?


How can you begin today letting love and joy guide your life?  As you go off to work, think about ways you can share those feelings.  Find ways to acknowledge all the love and joy around you.  Do what you love and what brings you joy.  


What you focus on, you receive more.  Before you know it, you have created an inside-outside job. Living a more fulfilled life because you are living the feelings you truly desire.  You are creating the world your inner being needs.