Are you a human being or human doer

Are You Creating Your Days On Being A Human Being or A Human Doing?

How would you reflect on how you created your day?

A Human Being or A Human Doing?

Most of my life was spent being a human doing. I didn’t know any other way. Success or achievement was based on how much I could get done. So when I read Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, it was eye-opening to understand the impact of framing my life based on character instead of doing. It was the beginning of my journey inward.

I began to understand that defining my days and desires on how I wanted
“TO BE” was way more peaceful and fulfilling.

My focus changed.

It’s like a home or a house. A house is a structure. Your home is your
way of being, it becomes you and who you are.

Base the value of your day on how you are BEING.

What do you need more of? Relaxing, calm, support, or appreciation? Take
time to figure out how you can fill your life with more of that. Then you
will see how fulfilling your life is.

As Stephen Roe says, “When you change how you measure your life, your life changes.”

I ask my clients to define their top 5 core feelings and values that they desire. Then design their life around those.
For instance, if they choose joy or love, then as they choose a job or make any decision, base it on whether that choice brings them that joy or love. If not, it is not in alignment with their desire.
They will feel off in some ways. This is because they are not being true to their SELF.​

The more you know and live your core feelings, the more you become a
human being. Just like doing your chores, you do that with more “joy
and love.” It is just who you are.

You feel more in tune with life. You don’t feel frustrated or overwhelmed
because you are engaged in what you love, what matters to you.

It’s a shift in your thinking. But, on the other hand, you might not be changing much.

Write a to-be list instead of a to-do list to help you focus on
being. What would that look like for you? Be happy, be kind, be
thoughtful. And then how would that play out in your life?

What would be some reminders you need to focus more on being? Habits
are hard to break.

You still achieve and complete all your chores; you are just in a different
state of being. Your body and mind love you more for it, less stress, and
more joy.

Notice if you are in a robotic state of mind doing, doing,

Are you being open and conscious of being?

How can you commit to letting go of even 2% of your doing and
integrate a state of being instead?

I was hoping you could do this for the rest of August and let me know how your life is changing.