Are You Focused on the Problem or Being Part of the Solution?


How do you handle situations you don’t like? Do you default to complaining and being stuck? Or, do you know there has to be a better way and are open to possibilities that you maybe can’t see?


Are there patterns to how you respond or react? Could retooling your repertoire of choices help make your life more peaceful and satisfying?


On our recent trip glamping at Bear Camp at Chilko Lake, the temperature was much cooler than I was hoping for. Snowed our first day, night times low 30s and during the days mostly 40s. We stayed bundled.


Our tents were up on stilts and on a platform to be away from the bears at the water or ones that might be mulling around the campsite. It was really a neat idea.


But, as with camping, you have no bathroom or heat during the night. We did have a bed with a warm duvet, thus glamping instead of camping.


When I realized there were no bathroom facilities in our tents, I asked to be close to the bathroom. The main lobby was down our stairs and a little extra walk. Pretty close.


That was helpful, except we get up a few times a night. It was freezing, and there were the possibilities of bears roaming about.


We had headlights to help find our way in the dark whether inside the tent or heading to the lodge for the bathroom.


The first night we got up 4 times so we didn’t have much sleep because 
by the time we got back, I was awake, scared that the bears might be some place we couldn’t see, and freezing.


I was worn out by the morning. Yet, we had plenty of activities planned.


I needed some help.


As Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith says. “The pain pushes until the vision pulls.”


As embarrassed as I was, I knew we needed more sleep. We had to figure a better way. Someone mentioned getting a “pee pot.”   Loved that solution, a little awkward, but it worked.   We didn’t have to lose any sleep, worry about the bears or thaw out.


Life presents many choices that can cause you to resist what’s before you and suffer, or go with it and see what might happen with some new ideas.


Just like with our situation, I could have stayed in the misery, complained but I wanted to have a great time. I chose to deal with the reality of the situation and make the best of it.


So whenever you are faced with situations you don’t like, look at the problem, and embrace the potential for something better.


Ignoring your problem or complaining about it doesn’t help you or the situation.


But, it takes your desire to want something different.

Positive change happens when you look at the circumstances and are open for something new to come to you.


Want a more peaceful and easy life, avoid staying in the problem pit.


Think about whether you would rather have low, heavy energy or high flying energy of more joy and fun.


It’s your choice whether you stay part of the problem or jump onto finding a solution.