Are You Following The Highest Next Step?


How about slowing down and listening to you and what you desire rather than outside demands and shoulds?


The next highest step would be to listen to your emotional guidance system. It is guiding you to your Higher Self. It will show you what is right for you, right now.


That is the way to live a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled life.


Recently I was discussing an upcoming trip. There were a few decisions we needed to make. Suddenly, I realized we were stuck in lots of decisions that didn’t feel good at this time. We were trying to make things work, but by listening to my inner wisdom, it wasn’t light or easy. It was complicated and didn’t need to be. So I followed my next highest step and decided it wasn’t right.


I can also share another example that I didn’t listen and put myself into a restless sleep, trying to explain myself out of things and bad worry. I didn’t listen to my gut. I fell into a scam.


As a negative emotion emerges, the next highest step would be to ask what would be different if you listened to this emotion instead of suppressing it and letting it be in control of your life. What is trying to emerge for you? There is wisdom there for you.


As John-Rogers, DSS shares, “The amount of happiness and joy you experience in this life is up to you. You can choose the depression and negative expression or choose uplifting situations that will allow you to create happiness and joy for yourself. Do those things that are necessary for you to have joy.”


How can you have more faith that the right choice or decision will unfold that opens doors and flows easily?


How about choosing you first instead of believing that outside sources have more knowledge or worth than you? How about validating your voice and wisdom?


As Jacob Glass said in a recent article in The Holy Encounter, “When we decide to feed the champion and put it in charge of our changes, we focus on taking daily positive action as an expression of self-love rather than fixing a damaged self. We are going toward something we want rather than away from something unwanted.”


One of my current practices to help me is to ask, “Is this moving me more toward God and love?” It helps me focus and know with certainty what I desire. Of course, it’s a practice, not perfection. By making conscious and my desire, I make more choices in a more loving, kind way. But, first, I have to decide to follow my next Highest step. I have to know what I desire.


As Vernon Howard shares, “Anything that does not lead you higher is lifeless.” Because you are still seeking and grasping for something, you feel off when you make choices not aligned with your desires and Highest Self. And that is when you and I look to outside things and forces and do not feel fulfilled or satisfied.


Take time to look outside to know what is going on inside.


Wherever you are unsettled or upset, let that be your guide to your next Highest step.


Notice your day. Notice where you are off kilter and ask what you need. Be willing to listen and follow through with what you hear. Like slow down, rest or go outside and dig in the dirt. Your body and mind might need some rest to reset and gain clarity.


Living in the present is following your next Highest step. It’s not trying to accomplish the big tasks; it’s breaking things down by doing what feels right next. And before you know it, you might be able to take on that huge task because you have guidance, clarity, and Higher Self guiding you.


To see how easy this can be, allow yourself the freedom to be in joy today. Then, take the next highest step to put you in joy. If something happens that throws you off course; you will remember joy is the focus. Ask yourself what will bring me back to joy and do that. Over and over again throughout your day and see how fabulous your day will be.


Follow YOUR next highest step. Now. Now. and Now.