Are You In Control Or Being Controlled?

Life feels easier and calmer when you know you are in control of your life.

That doesn’t mean everything happens the way you want. It means you decide how to handle what comes to you.

First of all, pay attention to how you deal with situations. For instance, if something goes out at your home, like a hot water tank during this cold, freezing weather. If your pipes freeze up. If your car won’t start. Notice your rant, your dialogue and your decisions. Let yourself feel whatever comes up.

The key to empowerment is where you go after that. Do you take control or stay in the blame, the rant?

You might not find a solution right away, but if you can stay in the trust, the knowing that YOU will, life changes for you. You feel better, less stressed and open to receive the answers you need.

It’s easy to spiral downward. Not helpful, but more often than not many people live here.

The more you know thyself, the more in control of your life you can be. Don’t make yourself wrong or bad.

Just notice, become aware of your patterns or habits. Then realize which patterns are no longer helpful to becoming in control and empowered with your life.

The more you understand life is for you, the less resistance and angst you feel.

Too many people are feeling angry because they feel like they are not in control of their lives. Notice where you might be blaming or feeling angry about things being out of your control.

Realize that is just a mirror for you to look inside and find out why you have given away your power.

Figure out what parts of those situations you do have control over.

Figure out what is upsetting you, and what’s the end outcome you’d like to see.

Then, empower yourself to decide how you can find ways to add more of that outcome in your life, for instance, like the wars going on. You might be blaming one side or the other. But, the empowerment comes when you decide what you want. For me, it’s peace. So, what I can do is find ways I can create more peace in my life and around me. The more I can do that, the ripple effect takes place. If I want my side and my voice to be heard and respected, then how can I give that or find ways to share my voice?

There is something there for all of us to find ways to feel more in control so we won’t be controlled.

I saw this post in one of the groups I belong to that says how beautifully life is orchestrated. Can you allow it to help you put the pieces together in your life? Too often, we don’t think about the Higher Purpose of our lives when crazy things are happening, and life feels out of control.

God's Providence

As you think about your life, how are you taking charge and creating the life you desire rather than playing the victim and feeling like you are being controlled by all kinds of outside forces?

Decide you can change your thoughts and responses to all life gives you.

Stand in confidence that you are provided for and will be given the tools you need to handle whatever is before you. (If you listen and believe that.)

Find support and people who ARE there for you. Allow yourself to go outside your comfort zone. Whether that is you think you should know how or whatever is blocking you from receiving help. You will know what feels right to you. If it feels heavy, it’s NOT right. If it feels light, follow it.

Start with small ways you give away your power, like not questioning things or wondering if there could be a better, easier way.

Pay attention to all the ways you feel out of control today and this week. Hear the conversations you are having from the observer’s point of view. Notice patterns. Are you blaming your boss, the government, your parents, or the weather? Like for me, I’m blaming the weather, I can’t take my morning walks. That’s not really true because I can go to the mall and be grateful they have opened the doors. I could go to the gym and use the treadmill or elliptical.

Yes, it’s true, it’s not ideal for what I like. But the cold weather is here right now. Do I want to be in resistance and feel like I can’t have the life I want? OR do I want to be healthy and know how much better I feel after I move my body?

The choice is yours. You can decide whether you want to be in control or be controlled.

Which are you choosing?