Are You Keeping Your Health Radiant, Vibrant and Dynamic?


How do you want to feel?


It’s up to YOU!


It is up to you to choose everything in your life to create those feelings. For example, when I was updating our home, I knew I wanted to feel light, fun, and edgy. So, I used those feelings to decide what we did. And, I love how our home feels. It’s how I love to feel.


What would you have to do today to feel radiant, vibrant, and dynamic?


Think about how you dress – does it pick up your spirits and make you feel alive? If not, choose again.


When you choose the foods you eat and prepare, does it feel healthy and fulfilling for you, your body, and your soul? How about after you eat it? What are you feeling?


Become mindful of how you feel.


What are your thoughts about feeling radiant, vibrant, and dynamic? Your thoughts create your reality. You can say you want one thing, but your chattering mind might be winning out on the reality. Who will win?


Take time to examine your values towards your health.


Notice how you are living those.


Become conscious of how you are derailed from living those values.


Allow your choices to support your values and desires.


You can always choose again moment by moment, decision by decision.
Stop and think about all the beliefs you have about your health. Write them down, even if you have ten other times. Probably all the “shoulds.”


Remember the saying in the Bible, “It is done unto you as you believe.”


Decide what new beliefs you want today, based on the body, mind, and spirit you have now. It’s your life. It’s your body to listen to what it needs, not what the media says should happen for you. Obviously, those ideas aren’t working because we have the sickest and most unhealthy species right now.


Remember, a belief is just a thought you repeatedly repeat until it’s a habit. Create ones you want for a healthier life.


Self-awareness is a key to creating the health and life you want.


What are you doing that is creating the most harmonizing for your health? Based on the beliefs and values you hold true for yourself today?


Based on your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs? Do more of that. Keep that your focus to uplift you so you CAN live healthy, radiant, and dynamic.


Think of this like you are tuning in to a radio or tv station to remove the static and hear clearly from you, your Source of what is suitable for you.


You are worth it! Think of all you do for others. Then, give yourself some of that attention and love.


Map out your new adventure to being healthy, radiant, and dynamic. Believe it is possible for you. Use this new month as motivation to pull you up and on a new path.


Start with the feelings you want and the values you hold true. Then, pay attention to your thoughts.


These past few years have been heavy in all kinds of ways. 2022 is to have lots of ups and downs like the waves of an ocean. Some days are smooth and flowing, others white caps and lots of action.


Become grounded in ways to be healthy and hopeful, so internally, you are guiding your life, not based on the uncertainty of the outside world.


All the power is with you. It’s your choice.


Be mindful of what is right for you today so you can BE radiant, vibrant, and dynamic.