Are You Living As Joy And Light This Holiday Season?

Joy and Light are high vibrations. They bring freedom and connections.

How could having more joy and Light make for a great holiday for you? Think:

What brings YOU joy?

What is light and fun for YOU?

Do more of those things. Then, you will be radiating out to the world.

Tis’ the season for giving.

Christmas represents birth, new Light, and new life.

What is that for you?

How are you being the Light and bringing joy?

What a gift you could be this season for so many. Loneliness is at an epidemic level.

Who could you be spending time with?

Who could you reach out to and hear what’s on their heart?

Two people close to us lost their husbands a few months ago. The holidays have been hard for them. They are both blessed with family and friends that are close to them. But it is still very hard to deal with the grief. So we are staying in close contact with them.

There is no greater gift than being present for someone.

How can you support and encourage someone, share your joy and Light?

Maybe you are one of the many struggling this holiday season. How are you asking for what you need? How are you allowing others to be there for you? Opening up will allow others around you to do that too.

How can you use your superpowers and gifts to bring more joy and Light to the world these days?

One of my core feelings is joy. I love to feel it and share it. It’s basketball season for many of our grandkids. We had a splendid day watching them, sensing how excited they were and watching how much they have grown since last season. What joy! Another big joy is that I bought the cutest reindeer to add to our Christmas decorations. Every time I walk by, a big smile comes. Someone was so creative and blessed our lives.

Christmas Raindeer

How are you living as Light and joy? Life feels easier and more fulfilling when you live at this higher vibration. Others feel it from you. You pull others up.

At this holiday time, when feelings are all over the place, let your Light and joy shine brightly. Don’t play small. As Abraham Hicks says, “You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive or sick enough to help sick people get well. You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment.”

Where is your light shining today?