Are You Living As You Love Life?

What would it be for you to have an awesome day? Do you know?

Let yourself define what matters to you and what makes for a fantastic day.

That’s what you are after – to live as you love life.

You are different today than 10 years ago or maybe even 2 years ago. Bo and I went past some apartments, and he laughed. He said to think of yourself when you are young, getting your first apartment, and what you want to do. And how could that 20-year-old have any idea what their 70-year-old would want?

Just a reminder to amp up what you desire for your life today.

How are you loving life today?

Living life from your core feelings will let you be more in a state of loving life. Let your core feelings guide how you live. For instance, one of my core feelings is joy. I want to feel joy as much as possible in my life. I know what brings me joy and how I want to feel. Like getting out in nature during these brisk mornings or seeing my husband come home from work. Pure delight.

Think, and plan how you can be in harmony with those core feelings. Then, when you are living in alignment with what is true for you, you feel love vibrating.

Your core feelings are what is true for you.

As Marianne Williamson says, “Love in your mind produces love in your life.”

How could you adjust some things you are doing to let love guide you in your choices and decisions?

How can love and possibilities guide you over fear and habit?

How could you see life from the view of love and joy?

By loving your life, you move from resistance to a higher frequency to live more freely.

How could you create a life that you love to look at, which lets you live more fully?

What’s a magical day for you; Interacting with your colleagues at work, going on a picnic, or quilting?

Find ways to make every day a great day. It’s usually just a tiny adjustment, like looking for what’s right in your life, letting love guide your life, or being grateful.

Too often, you think you must change BIG things to have significant changes where you love life. That doesn’t have to be. It is usually a shift in the way you look at life. I have one client who tells me she really likes our sessions because most of the people she is around are negative. What great awareness. Now, the work is slowly moving to more high-frequency people and less negative ones. You begin limiting the time you spend with those negative people. You realize you desire something more. They are too heavy for where you want to live.

Think about this day.

What are you looking forward to?

What do you love about what’s on your schedule?

What brings a smile to your face about the day?

It’s that simple. Change your thinking, change your life.

I surround myself with quotes, whether on calendars, spiritual readings, or around my study. They lift me. They help me appreciate life and find gratitude for all I have and am.

What changes can you make today to begin loving your life every day?

Is that praising yourself and others more?

Is that honoring all you are?

Is it grateful where you are – even though you might want to be someplace else?

There are LOTS of ways to love life. The shift is you must make it your focus. Think about WHAT’S RIGHT ABOUT THIS I’M NOT SEEING.

Ask yourself if you seek to understand or use judgment, thinking you know best.

One that I have to remind myself about is thinking – do I want to be right, or do I want to be happy? So allow everyone to have their ideas.

Life can be easier when you are living as if you love life.