Are You Living Life Out Loud?


Are you smiling and owning your greatness? Are you dancing around because Life is showering you with goodness?


Or, were you taught that was being conceited?


Are you still holding on to that belief instead of knowing you were created in the image and likeness of God?


Are you confident with all the gifts you have been given?


Not in a conceited way, but in a way acknowledging your purpose and direction God has given to you. I know over the years, I’ve had to learn a few lessons in humility. At the time, it was painful and embarrassing, but I “got” it as I reflected upon what I needed from those situations.


Can you feel the joy of life? Feel how great it feels to be bold and purposeful. I recently listened to an interview between Maria Shriver and Kathy Gifford and why Kathy decided to leave the Today Show. She is so clear about her commitment to God’s work and word. She studies it 3 hours a day. She clearly sees how she is being guided to her next chapter of work, directing and writing. She is living out loud.


Think about ways your light shines that make the world better.


Can you stand in your glory and amazingness letting your light shine? If you find yourself settling or losing hope, use this mantra from the Course of Miracles, “I am the light of the world” to remind you.


Be inspired to discover new visions for your life today and every day. Be open to the miracles and goodness that life is offering when you are connected and living out loud. Whether that is speaking, writing, caregiving or advocacy work.


Feel your magnificence. When you do, you are saying, I want more of that.


Know that God is right there with you, on your pathway. Allow yourself to know that so you can be more confident and free to be you.


Stand firm in your faith, trusting that you are a messenger of God. Not everyone resonants with you and your light. Sometimes there is jealousy or envy. Sometimes, what you are sharing and shining is not something I or others need at this time.


But, there are people who need you to step up and shine your brightness so they can find their way. You are the instrument.


Begin seeing your life as Divinely guided. Following the light. Feeling the joy. Feeling the bigness of what is possible for you as you choose to live out loud.


Are you ready to live the greatness you were created to be?


What do you need to release to allow yourself to Live Out Loud? What limiting beliefs are holding you back? Think of this process like gardening, you must rid the weeds before you can plant the seeds for the beauty to blossom. Take time to remove whatever is holding you back.


Believe in yourself.


What inspired action is calling you? One that is coming from your heart and soul. Not a have to, but something that says, “Go for it.” “Come this way.”


Live out loud shining who you are.


As Joel Osteen says, “God will take you places that you’ve never dreamed.”