Are You Making Healthy Choices That Honor You?

The older I get, the more I realize the impact of my choices.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. I can see clearly many ways I could have made healthier choices for myself.

I see where I was obsessed with certain things rather than enjoying them. Like running and exercising

I could have appreciated where I was more than thinking I wasn’t perfect yet. Pushing, pushing, exhausting.

I never thought about honoring myself. That would have seemed arrogant and conceited.

The first question to begin thinking about is what it means for you to make healthy choices that honor you. Healthy based on where you are and what fits most right for you today.

Not what’s the latest fad.

Not for the approval of others.

Not what others are doing.

What does making healthy choices mean to you? Is that with your mind, body, or emotional well-being?

One of the things I have noticed is how much influence the media has on what you choose to do. I don’t watch much TV, mostly sports stuff. When I’m watching, I see all the drug commercials. Whew, the overwhelm of suggestions to take this and take that. If you aren’t careful and awake to your choices, you can be pulled under.

Too often, you are swayed by certain people to do this or that, take this or that. But the truth is YOU must be the decision maker. Is it good for you and healthy for your mind, body, and soul? You know if you will listen inward.

Another consideration is what is healthy for you today. Not what worked when you were 20 or 40. Like what is happening for me in this 70-plus body and soul. Where am I today, and what do I need right now based on what I need to be healthy?

Your body is magical. Think of all the healing and work it does on its own. You don’t have to tell your heart to beat, your throat to swallow, or it to heal cuts. It just does it.

So why don’t you rely on it and honor your feelings more?

Too often, you have given your power away and think others know more about your body than you.

How can you start to honor your body more?

Decide today that you will honor and trust what your body is telling you. If you eat something and feel yucky or bloated, take note. Decide to test those foods and see if they are good for you. Your body will tell you.

You might not like what you realize, like me. I love Mexican food – mostly chips, salsa and guacamole. Well, every time, my belly feels so full and upset, yet what do I do, disregard what I’m feeling. It’s time for me to honor a healthier choice.

You are the guardian of your body. It is a vessel for you to live fully. Your life will be bumpy and unsettling if you aren’t honoring and guarding it. You will have more illness and unhappy moments and situations to deal with.

How can you begin to make healthy choices that respect what you need?

The collective consciousness and ideas can overtake what’s right for you.

Trust YOU!

Right now, there is lots of work needed on how to relieve the stress and worry people feel.

If your mind is on overload, it’s time to find things that can help you relax and slow it down. Meditation is a huge tool. It’s much more acceptable today. You can start with 5 minutes of guided meditation. Or try breath work. Or yoga.

Choose whatever you need today to help you make healthier choices to live more fully and abundantly.

Know that you are always free to change. Habits can be hard to break. But decide you are worth it. Decide to honor you. Then, begin by making healthier choices for your life.

Dottie on bike Oct. 2023

Remember, you don’t have to keep doing the same things you’ve done in the past. Not always the healthiest for you.

Let being healthy guide your choices today.

Begin by looking in the mirror and expressing appreciation for yourself. Always be the first person to love yourself.

Next, figure out how you could be easy and loving on yourself.

How could you be in harmony with your body and soul?

Think about how your decisions connect you with serenity and ease things working out for you. Expect that. Know it is possible for you.

Invite in calm and peace in all you do. Set that as your intention as you begin whatever is before you.

Allow your life to be more effortless.

Ask your body each day, “How are you today?” “What do you need?” Honor what you hear.

Know that YOUR APPROVAL is all that is ever needed. Seek to honor you, not perfection or what is right for others.

You are the master and director of your life.

Honor what is healthy for you today.

See how much lighter and more fun your life will be.