Are You Making Room For All The Good Awaiting You Today?

Life is full of miracles. Are you looking for them, finding them on your path?

Where are you looking?  

When your mindset is one where you will look for good, good awaits you. You begin seeing more and more of it. Then, finally, you notice the wonderful things happening for you, like a cardinal sitting on a branch right outside my dining window to welcome us home.

All good is coming to me.

How do you make room for goodness? First, find things that bring you joy or happiness. Then you will notice the good in the world.

I love reading people’s stories and how much they overcome to follow their dreams. Somewhere in them, they knew they could use their superpower to do what they wanted. Last weekend we watched the NBA Rising Star games. The MVP winner was Jose Alvarado from the New Orleans Pelicans. Tears came as I listened to that he wasn’t even drafted. His 3-point shot won the game for Team Pau. Wow, the biggest stage of all. He was blessed by believing in all the good waiting for him.

Do you see God as good?  

For years I saw God as the Judger of my every move. I didn’t feel or see that as good or loving.  

I had to change my perception, which was quite limited. Limitations can be opportunities to open up to something more. Don’t make yourself wrong about them. Use them to help you grow and see something more in life.

You receive what you are looking at. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Are you making room for more love and peace in your life? The goodness of life?

Do you realize your thoughts are images you have made based on your life and what you have seen? My fairy tale image of a husband and wife with their two children living happily ever after was how I thought life would be. I didn’t realize everything involved in relationships, life, and how life takes you on different roads than you believe, like our divorce. What then? At first, it was darkness. I couldn’t see a lot of good even though it was there – my two wonderful children, a great job, and beautiful friends. I wasn’t looking for good, only my loss.

My image was shattered; now, what do I follow?  

I knew I wanted the best life possible. I kept believing that good could happen. It was a roller coaster for several years to keep my belief there.  

I knew the more I could believe that life is good and life is for me, it could someday be that way, even though it didn’t feel that way then.

Abraham-Hicks shares, “If you intend to be of assistance, your eye is not upon the trouble but upon the assistance, and that is quite different. When you are looking for a solution, you are feeling positive emotion— but when you are looking at a problem, you are feeling negative emotion.” 

Have faith in yourself and the good in life. Make room for it.

Take where you are. If you are feeling angry or hurt at the world and feel horrible. Allow that. That is your reality. Being resistant to what is there gives you more. It keeps you stuck. Instead, stop and breathe. Breathe again. Acknowledge what you are feeling. Find a blue sky or a beautiful sunset. Notice how you are feeling – a little less tight and angry. It is good. Maybe that’s all you can do right now. Allow that to be good. Allow yourself to see you CAN slowly progress to a better feeling place, making room for good to come to you.

I’ve been doing this 21-day Align Intensive with Lorie Ladd. It has been a great daily reminder to stop and honor where you are to have a life of more goodness with ease, grace, and presence.  

Having this every day for 21 days allows you to reset. So if you’ve had a challenging day, you can let it go by noticing it and not carrying it into the next day.  

As one of my mentors says, the past can be one of the greatest ways you suffer. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.  

If you intend to make room for the good each day, you will see a different life. 

Yes, there will be painful things that happen, but you will find solutions more quickly, see how the right people show up in your life, and see more light than darkness in your world.  

When you have made it your focus, more and more goodness appears in your life.

Good is awaiting you.  

Shift from fearful thoughts to more loving thoughts.

Let go of things that take away your joy.

Find ways to be of service rather than making others wrong.

Life is full of goodness. It is up to you to make good your focus.