Are You Noticing The Beauty All Around You?

Beauty begins within.

A beautiful mind sees the magic and possibilities of life.

Beauty impacts your energy and your life. Beauty uplifts you.

Where is your focus?

What are you seeing?

Wake up to the beauty around you.

Look around you. Note if you have created a world of beauty in all parts of your life.

Start with your mind. Become aware of the thoughts, messages, and insights you are allowing inside there.

Notice your home. Do you feel the delight, the flow, and the awe-inspiring as you walk around your home – inside and outside?

See yourself in your car. Is it radiating cleanliness, attractiveness, and care?

What about your work environment? Does it sparkle, uplift, and encourage you throughout your day?

Is beauty all around you? Can you see it? Do you FEEL it?

What impact does beauty play in your life?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We have just finished our time in Maui this year. Our souls and hearts are full – Full from the beauty, the energy, and the love we feel. Even though there has been devastation here, beauty still abounds.

The hopeful spirit is riveting.

The connection and support the people of Maui have for each other is strong.

Are You Noticing The Beauty All Around You?

Take time to create the environment you want. No matter the circumstances you are in.

As Fred Alan Wolf states, “What is “out there” depends on what you choose to look for.”

Adding more beauty can change how you see the world, how you interact with others, and the vibration you live in.

Think about what one change you can make to add more beauty to your life.

Bring more awareness, and you will be delighted to see things you’ve never seen before.

The way the light reflects on something.

A lizard crossing your path to wake you up.

The roars of the waves.

The swaying of the trees.

The pure whiteness of the snow.

The generosity of your neighbors.

Where can you shift your focus so you can begin seeing more beauty, more of the beautiful parts of life?