Are You Open To Discovering The Nourishment of Life’s Experiences?


One of the things I love to do is awaken others to the possibilities in life.


My life was transformed when I realized life was more than doing the day to day activities and responsibilities of life. I was so literal. I was overwhelmed and stressed with life. I was maxing out on what was possible in the physical world in the way I was living and the meanings I had created for what was going on in my life.


When I understood you are a spiritual being having a human experience, it opened my mind and my world. When I understood, you are having a physical experience of life but life has more meaning to it than existing and doing. I moved my awareness from living at the surface level, getting stuff, achieving to living more from purpose and meaning.


I had to work my way from doing all the time to more being with life and it’s messages. Finding the balance between the two.


I didn’t realize life showers you with messages, opportunities and insights. Like when you are driving along and get that message, go another way. Only to find out later there was a big wreck and you were saved from it or from the traffic.


Or, when you have something physically wrong, there’s a message there for you. It’s your body’s way of getting your attention. Did I listen? No, I would ignore it or stuff it with medicine rather than understanding the deeper meaning. Yes, you have to take care of the physical symptoms but there is something on an emotional or mental level that wants your attention too.


One of the most valuable tools you have is your Emotional Guidance System to nourish your life. Listening to what your body is guiding you to. And, it’s with you all the time. Just think about something you want. Like, eating some sweets, or something you know isn’t good for you. Then, think about eating healthy. Or, buying a car or house. If it feels light, it’s right. If your life feels in harmony with it, then move forward. If it feels heavy, you are headed in the wrong direction. Like justifying, trying to make it work, it’s not right. Kind of like the game you play with children, hot and cold. When you are getting closer to what is right for you, your purpose and your desires, then it will be light and things fall into place for you. If it’s not right, it’s cold. Shift in a new direction to get closer to what you want. It doesn’t have to be big or hard. Remember, 1degree shift changes the course of where you are headed.


Keep paying attention to your Emotional Guidance System as you are experiencing life. It will guide you to what’s right for you.


Too often life is made more complicated than it needs to be. Frustration, stress and overwhelm seem to be an accepted part of life when all along life is leaving clues to make it easier.  


Find signs around you and follow them to an easier, more peaceful life in alignment with you and your soul’s desires.


As John-Roger, DSS, says, “Once you have learned the discipline of Spirit, freedom appears spontaneously. Joy appears spontaneously. And loving is entirely present.”


Your experiences in life are food for your soul, to help you become the highest and greatest you.  


How could this expression help you enjoy life more? As things or situations in your life come up that upset or confuse to you, take time to reflect how that experience is helping you evolve. A shift is how you look at those times. (Of course, after you have dealt with the situation.)


Begin looking for the meaning and how it’s weaving into the purpose for your life.


Use these statements, or others, to help you live more calmly and relaxed. “Loving what is.”   “It is what it is.”


I can tell you I had, and still do at times, have great resistance around these. I could easily go on rampages about “loving what is” and “it is what it is,” but in reality, whatever it is I have noticed, is there. I can’t change that because it is there. I can use those upsets, frustrations to bring more awareness, to change the future course, but not what just happened. It’s taken me a long while to “understand and accept” but I get the point now.


The more I have evolved, I understand those statements are the way to more peace, acceptance, and love in life, if you and I allow them to be. Because it’s in the resistance that keep the negative feelings and emotions there.


Allow them to get your attention, to get you off center and to become involved for a better life for you or others based on your vision of what will make the situations better.


Gabrielle Bernstein in her new book, Judgment Detox, has a Prayer for Acceptance that I try to say each day to help guide me in the direction I know I want. I need it badly… for loving what is and it is what it is…


“Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I’m disturbed, it’s because I find some person, place, thing or situation — some fact of my life — unacceptable to me and I can find no serenity until I accept this person place, thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment.”


Instead of getting caught up in arguing with life and what you are getting, how about slowing down, meditating or journaling to find the nourishment, the meaning and direction for your life at that point and time.


It’s freeing, and makes life make sense. You are seeing it from a higher perspective. You aren’t saying, “That’s acceptable.” You are seeing how it is awakening you and others to more compassion, action and connections.


It’s not easy, and can be quite difficult to understand how life experiences are calling you to be your most loving and caring person. But, slowly, you see the benefits. You feel better. You have more joy and fun with life. You aren’t judging and making wrong you or others. You see it all as part of the process of life. And, an opportunity to live more fully and meaningfully.


How can you use life’s experiences to nourish your life and become all you are meant to be?