Are You Participating in Life Or Just Observing?


Are you missing out?  


Are you sitting on the fencepost of life and letting life pass you by?  


Do you greet each day with joy and excitement?


Life gives you what you put out.  


If you live life from joy, you receive lots of opportunities to see and feel joy each day.


If you relax into the flow of life, life goes easily for you.


If you resist and complain about how life is, you will notice many things to be upset about.


Today is a new day.  Jump in and make it fun, magical, and worth living.  


Let go of your expectations and agendas and see what God has for you this day.  Be devoted to following the light of God.  Listen to your inner wisdom and if the choice feels light, go with it.  If it feels heavy, go the other way.  God is guiding you.  


Participate in the magical wisdom.  Everything you need to know is inside of you.


Where is life guiding you?  To be more active?  To find something new to give you more joy in life?  I read where Louise Hay said that heart problems were an indication of loss of joy.  I know someone who has just found out he has a number of blocked arteries.  He is so against everything, totally into conspiracy theories and everyone else is wrong and bad.  He sits back and complains rather than getting out and enjoying what life has to offer.  


Sure life can be hard and heavy at times.  But instead of focusing on all the burdens and pains, find things to be grateful for.  Find ways to move your energy.  Any time you physically move, you are changing your life.  You have space for something new.


Get in the game and make life what you want.  Just like our recent trip to Alaska.  We signed up for an excursion to go salmon fishing.  At first, I wasn’t excited about it but Bo wanted to do it.



They said they’d send your catches back home for you, so I got really excited.  How great would that be to have fresh Alaskan salmon!  Well, it got canceled because of the weather.  We complained and were frustrated for a bit but realized that wasn’t what we wanted to feel. We decided to make the best of it.  Find some fun.  So we walked our 10,000 steps. Then got in the hot tub on the ship, and met lots of new people, and heard their stories.  We were on a high-flying disk.  Totally enjoying something new, different from what we thought was going to be.


We are choosing the way we want our lives to go.  Not just sitting back and observing.


Become empowered.  Decide how you want to feel and be that, however you can.  Abraham Hicks has an emotional guidance scale. Use it. Move your energy to a better feeling place.  Notice whatever you are feeling.  Then look at the feeling right above it.  Think of things that could bring you that feeling. Then keep working your way up the scale. And, voila, you and life are feeling better. 


Don’t just sit back and let life pass you by.  Participate in life by making choices that align with what you want your life to be.  


Choose to live wisely.  Choose to be healthy today.  


Make choices to participate in life for you over and over again all through your day.  In order for that to happen, you must become more conscious of the choices you are making.  


Resolve to live your dreams.  


Be committed because temptation and habit can take over. 


Notice which voice you are feeding.


Decide today to participate in your life.  Decide what direction you are heading.   Decide what you want.  Don’t let life take you over.  Because it can.


As Emmet Fox says, “Whatever enters your life is but the material expression of some belief in your own mind.  The kind of body you have, the kind of home you have, the kind of work you do, the kind of people you meet are all conditioned by and correspond to the deepest mental concepts you hold.”  


Are they what you want?


Choose the life you want.  Participate by the choices you are making day in and day out.