Are You Playing Life Too Safe?


“Life is not intended to be safe.  A safe life has too small a name for a creature of eternity.  Life, at its noblest and highest, has a hazard about it.”  Ethel Waters


How safe are you playing life?


Are you up to living your greatest life?  Then, you must be willing to live with uncertainty and trust.


Living your best life means letting go of control and opening up to a life larger than your mind can create.


Do you know that life is to experience greater and greater possibilities?  


Do you realize that your divorce, loss of a job or pandemic can help you dig deeper and connect to a power greater than you?  Help you open to see a bigger world and broader perspective?  See that life has more to offer you than your limited thinking of how life is to be?


Do you know you are supposed to experience all kinds of feelings and emotions?


Or, were you like me, as a child I was told to suck it up or I’d get something to cry about?


Or, as a parent, I thought I was supposed to shield my children from the “bad” or “hurtful” things in life.  That I was to show them only how wonderful life is.


But, from that, I limited their potential to see the truth of life.  That life has its ups and downs.  And, it is how we handle those that creates the life you have.  


I remember the first time I heard that if you can’t feel the sadness and hurt, then you are also limiting the amount of joy and happiness you can experience.  I didn’t like that and it captured my attention.  I had to dig deeper to understand.  I had to be open to all kinds of emotions in order to “feel.”  Not deny, hide or pass by what I didn’t want to deal with.


It didn’t feel safe.  I was taught you weren’t to feel.  Perplexing?  What do I do?


If you don’t deal with or assimilate life’s experiences then, those emotions stay in you or on you.  And, sooner or later, some physical or emotional situation will play out, get your attention.  Like becoming angry at the slightest thing, like driving down the highway yelling at someone that pulls in your lane. Or, being too stressed out.  Or some type of illness, ulcers, heart problems or digestive issues.  Weight can be another of such examples of not processing your emotions along the way.   All those feelings you haven’t handled, are probably on your body as extra weight.  


But the truth is, all of that is about life trying to get your attention.  You, probably like so many of us, look outward or blame everything else rather than look internally of how life is trying to help us expand, to live more fully and joyfully.


Every situation in life is there for you to reflect upon.  Whether it’s about your weight, your relationship or your financial situation.  


Life isn’t bad or good.  It is what is before you.


YOU give meaning to whatever situation you are experiencing.  Probably to be able to deal with it at the moment.  Be safe.


Life is responding to what you are asking for.  It gives you whatever situation you need to help you open up to the possibilities for that to happen.  Like if you want a more loving relationship. If you have judgments of how people should be then you will receive opportunities to be more accepting and loving.  The Universe finds ways for you to become more loving, less judgmental.


Lots of uncertainty and questioning about life. The unknown.  


As Vernon Howard says, “Do you want to learn or do you want to argue?”  Learning is pushing you to the edge.  Arguing is to keep you where you are.


Life is to know there is greater depth to living.


Release the reins so you can find more pleasure and contentment with all of life’s uncertainties.


How can you feel safe and be open for all the experiences and adventures of life?  


Let go of how you think life has to be and free yourself to a greater life.  


See life has a Higher Purpose, and more fun on the other side.