Are You Playing Your Game of Life to Love?


What is happening in the world is disturbing because the scales are out of balance.


Maybe today you have realized you want life to feel differently than the chaos happening in the world, with your struggles, or from your past.


Life is a mirror. If you are having lots of joy and happiness in your life, I would venture to say, you are looking for the good, feeling the love. If you are struggling or down on life, I would bet you are focusing more on what’s wrong with the world or life.


You receive whatever you are predominately focused on. I know I can be critical at times and need reminders to look for the good, for the compassion. So I put reminders around like stickies, “Am I looking for what’s good” or “Am I looking for what’s wrong?” Or, I subscribe and read positive news like Maria Shriver’s Sunday Papers.


Problems need energy to live.   And, it’s time to change those ruling the world.


Would you like to shift your focus from any judgment and hostility to more of joy and love?


It takes effort to rise above the noise. It takes a conscious effort to remember to focus on what you want.



For example, love is everywhere in nature. Are you feeling it and focusing on it?

What I know for sure is our world needs more love and compassion.


If the purpose of life is to grow and become more aware of the Love you are —


Are you doing work you love?

Sharing your gifts with the world?


If not, think about ways you can shift to a more loving focus.


What brings you love is not what you get but who you become in the process of living this game of life.


Think about how you can open your heart and mind to become more aware of how you are letting love lead your life.


If you are like me, for so long, I only thought about love as a feeling, not as a purpose or direction for my life.


Maybe it’s time to change you become more authentic and compassionate.


The care that you show other people is what connects you. Could you amp up being more present and attentive to the people in your life? Volunteer or start a cause that matters to you? Or, by loving life and others feel that?


Your decisions are your destiny. You either live in a loving world or one driven by fear. Feel the difference just in reading those words. You have a choice.


Make new choices that radiate love and joy.


On Sunday, March 31st, The Oklahoman, there was an article about Dan Little from Madill. At 76, he did the 7-7-7. Ran 7 marathons, on 7 different continents, in 7 days. Look at what an inspiration he is. Especially for Boomers who think life is over when you retire.


Go for what you love and have fun doing it.


The world needs each of us to add more love. Realize that we were all created to bring our version of love into the world, no matter how big or small.


The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the emotions you are experiencing on a daily basis.


By telling stories about how you are playing the game of life from love, our collective consciousness can shift to create a tipping point where there is more love and compassion in our world.


Think of the bible verse – 1 Corinthians 13. It says that love is patient and kind. Start there. Think of 3 places today you can begin to show more patience and kindness even if it doesn’t quite feel right yet. Just like that driver on the highway that pulls out in front of you. How about letting them in, not exploding or going on about it? Or opening doors for people wherever you are going? Leaving notes of appreciation and love each day, or weekly to those you love.


Find the positive, be the positive, be the light.   Keep a gratitude journal.


Let your game be how much love you can give and share today. You will feel better.

You will have the same responsibilities, chores, and opportunities. You will see a different world. You will create a different world.


See things from a new perspective. Create new visions. It is possible. My daughter sent me a picture of their house when they bought it 4 years ago. Today, just a few years later, you wouldn’t recognize it as the same house with the changes they have made along the way. The same thing can be said for you and I. Make that 1% change each day living life from love.


Your decisions on how you play the game of life changes your perception of the world and how your life goes when you:


Love what you are doing.

Highlight the good.

Appreciate and acknowledge others.

Share kindness with our thoughts, words, and deeds.


If each of us would do our part, think of how we can create a world of more kindness and joy rather than the hate and hostility around today.


It’s up to You and me to shift the planet to a more loving place to be.


Play to love.