Are You Questioning The Validity of What You Hear And Believe?

Do you know that the world you see on the outside reflects what is inside of you?

Do you understand that you have the power to change the world you are seeing when you begin to question what you are hearing and believing?

Think about where your thoughts and beliefs are taking you. Are they pulling you higher and to a place where you are freer? If not, question them.

There is a better feeling place for you.

Where are you stuck in your thinking? Notice your rigidity.

Like who is someone you could forgive, forgiveness is not about the other person but their hold on you.

Like thinking money is hard to come by. Is that true? Look at the Forbes 100 Richest People. Dig into your beliefs.

Like a belief that you have to work hard to be successful, look around, and find others doing well but having a life of ease and serenity.

Aging is a topic near and dear to me these days. Think of all the things you believe about it, or you have thought about it. It is important because it impacts how you proceed with your life. Dr. Mark Hyman has a new book, “Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life.” He says, “It’s a roadmap to help all of us extend our health span and our lifespan. I used this revolutionary science to optimize the health of my patients and my health (my biological age is 43, and my chronological age is 63!). But, unfortunately, what we see around us is mostly abnormal aging.”

Losing weight is another area I have had changing thoughts about over the years. After chasing every diet and having short-term results, I know there is something more I didn’t fully understand or know. If diets worked, would we have the obesity we now have? Pay attention to the wisdom from some of these that are right for you.

The world is changeable. Too often, you are not because you have not questioned what was before you or what you have heard.

Use Bryon Katie’s “THE WORK” to help you question your thoughts. She will help you shift your stronghold.

Life is not limited to your perception.

Do you stop and wonder why there are SO MANY choices in toothpaste, detergent, or toilet paper?

There are many ways to view the world and fulfill differing needs.

If you are on a budget, you will look for less expensive items.

If you have sensitivities, you will look for products that help ease them.

If you view the world as kind and loving, you will make choices and decisions that support socially conscious businesses.

If you hear something that seems far-fetched, trust your inner guidance and begin questioning it from a perspective of feeling light and loving. If it feels heavy, it’s probably not for you.

If you are viewing the world through the fullness of joy in your life, you will see a different world than if you are viewing your world through fear or lack.

I know that when I feel empowered, knowing God is showing me the way to my Highest and Greatest life, I can feel peace. But I forget. When I look outside myself, seeing or reading some of the craziness around me, I know all of that is an opportunity to open up to something higher than my thinking at the time. I’m often trying to make someone wrong, someone who thinks differently. But God made all of us offer differing needs. Just like a buffet. Lots of choices. Not bad or good, just ones I like or dislike at this time.

Today, dedicate yourself to open to greater possibilities.

The question, not outwardly but to yourself, is everything you believe. Make yourself suitable for any areas you might change your mind about. Have compassion. Know that your thinking served you then, but not today.

I’m not 40 anymore. I know I’m old in the number of years I have lived, but I don’t want to be aged in how I choose to live or how I see the world.

I’m not in the middle of my career. I’m not Catholic anymore. Is my thinking still there and serving me today?

Think about the stories you continue to tell. Are you repeating things you haven’t questioned?

Today is a new day. Question. Be curious.

Allow yourself some space in your thoughts about living the life you want.

Follow what feels right after you have questioned whether that station you listen to, religion or speaker aligns with who you are today.

Ask yourself if your thinking is in the direction where you can be the Highest and Greatest that you were created to be.

Question, question, question.