Are You Ready for Magic?


Wouldn’t it be great if you lived a life you love? That you didn’t have to run or hide from all you desire and want out of life. Or, believe it is possible for you.

As you look over your life, what year helped you be closer in love with your life? What had to bust open for you to see a greater vision for your life? Or could this be the year for you?

For me, it was 2001 when I completed my coaching. I was able to put some pieces together that completely changed how I understood life and lived it:
I understood how the dark in my life(my divorce) had some gold for me. I began a newfound relationship with God as a loving God, not a punitive and judging one.

  • I learned to own and love all parts of myself, even those areas I saw as bad or wrong or mistakes I’d made. I began truly living from a place of gratitude and appreciation.
  • I realized I had all the answers within me, not by trying to be the best but by listening to God and to my soul’s calling.
  • I figured out that I create my own reality. That I had the power and choice to create the life I love.


My life was forever changed.

My cup runneth over because I know how to create a life I want. I know what I want. I know God intends for us to live an abundant life. I know how to get back on track when I’m derailed. I have the tools and resources to guide me to the life I love.

I want that for you. I see too many people barely getting by or just not excited by life. It is a blessing to be alive. I want to help others live life fully.

You don’t need to play small, back off from what you love.

When you focus on what you love and how to enjoy it, life gives you more of it. When you don’t believe you can have more, that is what you get. It doesn’t have to be that way. I know because I was once there.

The moment you say yes and decide you deserve more, is the moment that you will see more and more doors open for you.

Don’t underestimate the power of this time to focus on what you truly love.

It all starts with an inner game process.

We are in Maui as I write this. One of our favorite places ever. After our first visit, Bo and I realized we wanted to have this as part of our life. Our friends came every year, and why couldn’t we. At first, it seemed far fetched to think about coming to Hawaii every yearTree I. But, it’s been nine years since we began coming here for a couple weeks at a time. Our hearts and soul are filled. It has what we love – outdoors, adventure, beauty, whales, peace, fun, and magical, uplifting energy. We are so grateful, and appreciate it more and more because it fills our hearts and souls.
We created this dream, and you can too.

Have you had enough settling for a crumb here or there? Or are you ready to create the magic in your life?

What are you desiring?

How can what I learned through my transformation, help you live the life you want? You, too, can create the reality you want rather than unconsciously living life as it is. Begin by:

ASKING for what you want. You need clarity and excitement to bring it forth.

RECEIVE. Are you open to letting it come to you? Or is “that voice” telling you that you can’t have it, you’re too old, you’re asking for too much, or it’s only in fairy tales that people live a life they love.

No matter where you are, if you are ready for magic to be in your life, God is willing to provide it for you. You have to believe it is possible and be open to receive.

What do you need to allow it in? What’s in your way?

What can I do to help support you to put back the magic in your life and learn the tools you need to create a life you love?

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