Are You Ready to Change Your Attitude?

Look at your Attitude about your health – “For as he thinketh in his hearts, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Your physical body is your reflection of your thoughts.  The lighter your thoughts are the lighter you will be.

I realized my take on health was my “weight” and body image, not on being healthy.

  • I never took time to appreciate my good health.  I focused on not being perfect, or my description of that “right” weight.  I fixated on the few extra pounds, then the 10 pounds, then 20.  
  • I didn’t pay attention to what my body was telling me.  I ignored it, trying to force my weight off, obsessing how bad I looked. I felt like a victim that I couldn’t lose weight.
  • I was beating myself up over not being a certain weight even though I exercise regularly and faithfully.

My body has been a trooper with all I have put her through. Lots of forgiveness was needed on my part in the way I have treated her.  

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water research shows the effect of positive and negative thoughts have on your cells and organs.  

  • Is your glass half full or half empty?  
  • Do you expect the best or doom and gloom?  


Feel the difference, feel your body, notice your breathing, your facial gestures, shoulders.  Notice the openness, the flow when you believe life is good and then feel the tension when your body contracts, cutting off oxygen reducing your health when you are negative.

I haven’t had a loving relationship with my body. It has been one of which I have felt great shame, guilt and disgust with myself.  I totally understand that constriction, uptight, I see now how unhealthy that has been.  

My new attitude is to be healthy, not just a certain weight.   As Danielle LaPorte shares, “What are your non-negotiable needs?”  


  • Focus on well-being, not a perfect body.  
  • Decide to be healthy. Commit to live that healthy life defined by what you know is right for you and your beloved animal (as Jena LaFlamme calls your body in Pleasurable Weight Loss).
  • Eat as if you love your body. Food influences your health, how you feel and how you perform during the day.  Ayurveda teaches that every person has a unique blueprint by nature, known as your body type.  Your body knows what is good or bad for it, if you listen.  


    • Pay attention to the feedback from your body.  You cannot give bad feelings about sickness and receive health.  Pain is a way to get your attention. Take care of any illness on the mind, body and emotional levels. If you only address the physical symptom (the effect) rather than the cause, like the emotional and mental anguish going on, the pain gets worse. When you address the underlying causes, your body has a remarkable capacity to begin healing.


  • Restore balance in your body – diet, exercise, daily routines, & seasonal routines.  


  • Begin to love yourself right where you are.  As Abraham-Hicks shares the recipe for Deliberate Creation – 5 parts appreciating what is, 2 parts imagining a little better than what is, 2 parts looking for things that would make you feel better and 1 part quieting your mind, relaxing and not trying so hard, being at ease at it.  
  • Be grateful for your body instead of finding fault with it.  Say thanks for all it does for you.  

What is being healthy for YOU?

Unlimited health is yours if you want it when you align your mind, body and spirit.  

Doing what is right for your health can take some time to remove old habits and ways.  Louise Hays gives the example of cleaning out the turkey pan, at first there is a lot of gunk to remove from the pain but the more you clean out, there is little to remove and not so stuck.

How can you develop a relationship with your health and body that is full of compassion, kindness, passion, fun, trust, love and attention?

Share one way you are going to become a Healthier You.

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