Are You Ready To Let Go Of Old Habits That No Longer Serve You?



Think about what you want your life to be and who you want to be.


Let that be your guide to what is no longer serving you so you can have the life you are excited to live.


Ask yourself, “What does your Highest Self want?”


Once you know what YOU desire, it’s time to begin removing or letting go of all that blocks that from your life.


Yes, it may be an arduous journey at times, but soon you will be in alignment with what is true for you at this time in your life.


Too often, you add more to your life without clearing out things from the past that don’t fit your needs for the future.


That’s when life feels burdensome. Just like in your garage and attic. Too much stuff.


Empty, empty, empty.


Let go of what is not serving you. How do you know?


Ask yourself if “this or that” is a “10” in your life right now. If not, work towards letting it go.


Learn how to notice your triggers and move through them so they aren’t controlling or running your life. Triggers are behaviors you have made wrong or lousy sometime in the past to help protect you. They helped you at once but no longer served you if it triggered something in you. The trigger tells you it’s time to heal, time to see me, and time to let it go.


Are you living more in the past or the future? Neither serves you well. Think of the now. Let them help you design your present by knowing what you loved about the past and what you dream about in the future. But, keep focused on what you want with your life TODAY.


Where are you feeling trapped?


What feelings and thoughts are keeping you stuck?


What are you afraid of? Where is your shadow or darkness controlling you — where you don’t want others to know about you? Where do you think others won’t like you if they knew “this” about you? Won’t think you are nice if they knew “this” about you?


What patterns of survival are you using that are no longer needed? For example, as kids, you might have learned to cry to have your needs met or to get an adult’s attention. As an adult, you don’t need that anymore. Honor how it served you, helped you get what you needed. But today, you are the adult you need. You are the one who needs to listen to your inner voice or that child within needing attention.


Think about how you can remove conflict, worry, or self-doubts from your life. They bring your energy down.


Michael Singer shares, “You’re essentially living in a single-occupancy apartment. Why not take a moment to see what it’s like in there and make it nicer? If your house is a mess, you clean it up! We do this to learn to be able to move toward these thoughts and emotions with objective observation or mindfulness. Notice what your Mind is doing: Is it worrying? Self-conscious? Guilty? Notice what’s going on, and then remember you have a right to relax and say, Mind, you’ve got problems. I’m the consciousness that sees that.”


Home is your own heart. What does it desire right now?


Is it to live healthier – whatever that represents for you. Is it about your eating, getting off some of your medicine. or living with more love and kindness? On Sunday, December 5th, Oklahoman, I just read that Oklahoma is #1 in Heart Disease. #4 in Obesity. We can do better.


Become a beacon of calm and compassion. The world desperately needs that.


It is overwhelming and complicated to feel great about redesigning your life when you forget to let go of habits that no longer serve you.


Where do you begin? Cleaning a closet or the garage? Then you might have some space to start internally.


Take time as the cooler weather is here to do internal and external cleaning. You and your house will thank you.


Stop letting the past dictate your future by releasing old habits and thoughts that no longer serve your highest good or a meaningful life.