Are You Seeing All The Abundance In Your Life?


The Universe is always expanding.  Abundance is all around.


Miracles and blessings are right before your eyes all the time.


Think about all the people in your life and how wonderful that is, how full you can feel about the love and the connections.


Think about all the gifts and talents you have been given.  


Spring is here and there is new growth all about. Nature is such a great teacher.   You are able to see the beauty and the amazing miracles that happen just by taking a walk or standing in awe of how naturally things happen.


The pandemic has allowed you to look at life in new ways, new possibilities.


Life is full of abundance.  It’s just in how you define it and what you focus on.


Abundance used to be seen as all the “stuff” you had, all the external things in your life.  


Now wholeness is defined in new ways as shared by Deepak Chopra.  “I used to think successful career, supportive family, notable hobbies, friends who love me, beautiful home, full social calendar, stacked wardrobe and checking off my bucket list.  Now I know…meeting and accepting my true Self” is wholeness.


Abundance is an inside job.  It’s the feelings, the contentment, the peace, and the love you feel.  


How abundant are you feeling?  What are you seeing?  


Is abundance the focus you have?  Or, are you finding the lack and focusing on that?  Seeing all that is wrong?


Shift the way you see life.  Abundance is more than wealth.  You can see people all around you with plenty of money. And they are still unhappy and think they don’t have enough.  Living from scarcity.


Don’t let that be your standard.  Scarcity keeps you limited and constricted.


It can be easy to be cranky about what is happening.  Don’t let that be you.


Abundance comes in many ways.  Abundance is expansive.  


It’s how you touch others.

It’s how fulfilled you feel.

It’s knowing how blessed you.


Abundance is appreciating what you have, even as you want more or different.  It’s grateful where you are and eager for more.   


This week in Pickleball, I pulled my hamstring as I tumbled to the ground. It was frightening and upsetting as I’ve just gotten back into being able to play.  I was blessed to have people around me making sure I was okay.  I was blessed I could get up and walk even with a hobble.  It’s painful and limiting.  But, I have tried to focus more on how lucky I am. How blessed I am that everything else is working well.  Focusing on the abundance of what is right even though something is off.  Focusing on healing energy, what I want to have.


What level of abundance are you feeling as you are meeting and accepting your true Self?  Are you full of love for yourself?  Are you accepting of all of who you are?


Radical self-love is who you are.   It IS the abundance of life.  


Make this journey inward to know thyself and love thyself with all your heart and soul to see all the abundance around you.


How can you shift what you are chasing in the external world to how you are meeting and accepting your true Self to feel greater abundance in your life?