Are You Speaking More Goodness, Appreciation, Kindness And Love Than Negative?


Goodness is a choice.


Do you have more positive thoughts or negative thoughts in a day?


Remember, you have approximately 60,000 thoughts in a day.


One way to figure out which direction you are thinking is to look at how you talk about yourself.


Do you say more positive, encouraging words? Or, is your critic hard at work talking about how you aren’t measuring up, you’re not good at this or you aren’t perfect?


Awareness, or becoming conscious, is the first step to changing any behavior.


What you focus on expands.


Make sure your thoughts are going in the direction of what you want.


There are two paths you can choose from. Some examples are:  


What you want or what you don’t want.

Having wellness or illness.

Having energy or barely getting by.

Thriving or surviving.


Which side of each of these are you spending the most energy on? Sad to say with my knee out of sorts, I have spent more energy on the illness side instead of thinking how blessed I am that ALL the rest of my body is functioning beautifully and perfectly.


Remember you can begin again at any time to think positive thoughts. Right now, the next hour, or the next day. It’s all up to you to decide.


What are your “Ten Commandments” for a life that feels good and kind for you? Based on your values. That have a promise of hope for you.


Live by those. Let those thoughts and ideas be what lead your life.


See how much goodness, appreciation, kindness, and love you have by being in alignment with what’s right for you.


Just by you being YOU.


Let go of intense rules of what others told you represents right or wrong. Follow your heart, your commandments of goodness.


Your world and the bigger world will change, little by little.


This week on Super Soul Conversation podcast, Oprah was interviewing Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga talked about how she actively practices daily kindness to everyone in her world. She sees herself as the “punk of kindness.” She says kindness frees all things and heals the world. She said her focus was on how she can share kindness in everything she does.


As you think about what you are striving for, ask yourself why you want that. For instance, if you want to lose weight. Why? What do you want to have from that?


That’s your focus. Not the losing weight. Not protesting how hard it is to lose weight or how unfair it is that you struggle with your weight.


Your “why” keeps you focused on what you want and in the positive. Just like I am adding a Psychology of Eating coaching certification. Why, because I know I can help a greater number of people feel better about themselves around food and body issues. We have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.


Just like Lady Gaga. She believes her platform of sharing her music allows her to spread kindness. She feels she has a responsibility to help in a bigger way not just about her music.


Think about how you can use your gifts and talents to find ways to share goodness, appreciation, kindness, and love.


My daughter-in-law gave me a Thankful Jar with little pieces of paper in it for my birthday. I have it on our dining room table. It’s a great reminder to take time and write down things you are grateful for.


What do you have surrounding you to support you to live the life you want? To have a more uplifting life?


Be open to new ways of experiencing life. Lead with the purpose of sharing goodness, appreciation, kindness, and love in your life. For instance, if you are singing in a choir, intend that your music uplifts others as well as yourself. You are sharing goodness, kindness, and love.


The world is in dire need of more positive energies. Find ways to share that fit your style and desires.   Be intentional about it. See it as your purpose.


Think about how each day you can intend to spread more goodness, appreciation, kindness, and love.


The world will change.