Are You Speaking Possibilities Into Your Life?


Life is full of possibilities.


Did you know when you ask your mind for an answer, you are limited with the answers? Because your mind can only answer with what it already knows. How about expanding the possibilities of your solutions by listening to your intuition and the greater Universe?



You have hundreds of conversations during your day. So it’s important to notice the tone and substance of what you are speaking, even if they are the ones to yourself.


Stop and listen to what you have just said. Was it complaining or offering hope?


You have approximately 60,000 thoughts in a day. But, unfortunately, most of them are the same as you had yesterday. And, as Marci Shimoff says, about 75% are negative.


If those are the statistics of what’s happening for each individual, why would we think our world would be any different.


That is why it is important to become conscious of what you share and say all day long.


Your thoughts matter. They create your tomorrow, as well as what you are living.


Think about how you talk about yourself. About your body. About the world.


How can you shift the conversations to ones that share possibilities?


It will take time and effort.


We need a different world right now. It’s calling for us to do our part to break the darkness.


New ways, new possibilities.


Committing to focusing on what you desire in the world is imperative. For instance, if I want or wish for more love in the world, it begins with me. I look within and see if my thoughts, words, and actions are loving. Where can I be more loving? I take those steps. Like, I am not being so judgmental. Like accepting others to have their ways. The more love I can share, the more light I bring to the world. Once you have learned something and live it, you can share it. You are being more loving. There can be more light and love in the world.


How can you stop protecting your small self and live more significantly in the world?


You can choose something greater.


Find ways to increase your frequency so you can live more in possibilities. Find ways to put more 10s in your life. The quickest way is to begin eliminating things in your life that don’t feel close to 10s. Like clutter, darkness. Old things that don’t lift you. Removing things holding your energy down allows more space and openness for light to come in. That is why Feng Shui can be so powerful. Let go of what is no longer serving you and align the energies to support you.


Strive for more 10s.


The density can feel overwhelming at lower frequencies and more challenging to move through. Keeps you in darkness.


Life doesn’t have to be complicated.


What has worked is not always helpful today—for instance, controlling others. How can you find ways to allow and accept? You don’t want others to tell you what to do.


Where are the possibilities in your life? How can it be part of all day, every day?


It’s time for you to design a life you want, even if you don’t know how. That’s the job of God or the Universe. They need you to be clear on what you desire for yourself and your life. Stay in possibilities. Doubt and resistance keep you stuck.


Ask each day, “What could expand me today?” Sometimes it’s just another way of seeing something simple, like a new tip from a 9-year-old on how to cut the seeds out of peppers. How helpful, easy and expansive that was for me when I learned this new tip.


Where are you ready to open up to more possibilities? Whether that be with your health, wealth, relationships, or thinking?


Start small in one area.


Where can YOU begin opening up to a bigger life, a bigger world for yourself?


Life is easier when you stay open to possibilities.


There is SO MUCH that can happen in your life when you are open and allow things to come to you.


Are you open to receiving by speaking possibilities in your life?