Are You Using More Than Your Intellect to Guide Your Life?


What guides your life – mind, body or heart?


Shawn Acker says, “Intelligence counts for only 25 percent of our job success; 75 percent of our successes in life — not just job, is not about our intelligence and technical skills.  It’s how we process the world.  It’s our optimism.”


When you are mostly using your mind, you limit experiencing the power of the whole self.   


I was rewarded through my intellect and what I knew.


I was living totally in my head, and responding and reacting from there. I pushed down my emotions.  Emotions allow you to feel.  I was taught not to feel.  I forgot that connection by not using my emotions and feelings or hearing from my heart.


I saw how my world was processed from the masculine in me.


You miss out on seeing a bigger world when you are lopsided in the way you process life. 


No longer one way.


My life was pretty good.  Why would I change?


Once I understood this idea of how I process the world with mostly my mind, I knew I needed a new strategy to live more fully. 


I needed to develop more of the feminine, my YIN.  Which I is why I chose YIN for my ONE word this year.


The feminine power includes the emotional side.  The feminine is connected to your heart and soul which allows you to tap into a greater knowing. 


To receive. 

To allow. 

To feel. 

To have a greater perspective.


It’s been quite the journey to validate the “soft” side of life.  The emotions, the intuition, and the knowing.  TRUSTING rather than trying to control.


When I can lead from compassion and kindness, I make connections rather than feel the need to prove or be right.


It feels better.


I now realize how much I missed.  How I didn’t value what I was feeling and needing. I would rationalize and dismiss.


How do you process the world? 


Are you guiding more from the masculine qualities of life, right or wrong, only facts, or are you balancing with the feminine, kindness, concern for others and yourself?


As I have been integrating more of my feminine qualities, I realized how I missed out on my superpowers and a greater connection to a Higher Power.


Integrate all of you.  If for no other reason, it allows you to tap into your greater Self.  This transformation is worth it.  Not easy, but worth the shedding. 


I am realizing how using all parts of me, has allowed me to live more fully and freely. 


All this by using my mind, body, and heart.  Not just my intellect.


I once heard you can only experience the joy in life in relation to how you feel the pain in life.  In other words, you must feel all that you are experiencing to gain the greatest benefits. 


It takes honoring all of you, your mind, body, and soul.  The feminine parts of you.  The masculine parts.


You, too, can shift to living from all of you – your mind, body, and heart. 


Find that happy place for you – balancing the feminine and masculine in you.  One is not better than the other, but it is using all you have been given when life is the best.


What part of you is guiding your life?  What parts need nurturing?  Your mind, your body, or your heart? 


See how life is more optimistic when you include the heart and soul, not just the intellect.