Are You Wanting Your Life To Be Different?


Your life can be lifted by allowing love to guide your life today, and every day.


In my Course of Miracles work there are two emotions.  Love and Fear.  The Course goes on to say everything that is not love, is a call to love.  


So all fear is leading you to be more loving, more of who you were created to be. It’s asking you to look at your life from a God perspective.  Like the old wristband sayings, What would God Do?


Take a look at your life from the perspective of love and fear.  Are you living from love or fear today as you are dealing and working through this pandemic?  


Are you trusting God will provide for you?   Or, are you afraid there won’t be enough toilet paper for you?  


What fears are calling you to love more and deeper?  Have more faith?  Have more trust in yourself and the bigger picture of what life is calling you to be?



Faith is the bridge that takes you to hope.  How can you build that inner strength of Faith?  It’s part of living a more loving life.  Trusting life is for you.  


You build your future by improving your present.  What do you want that to be?  In your physical world?  Your emotional world?  Your mental world?  Your financial world?  Your spiritual world?


What is it for you?


The most rewarding place to begin is going within.  Shift your thinking from what I can acquire in the outer world, to whom can I become in my inner world.  

What that means is that if you want to be abundant in your outer world, how are your thoughts and beliefs around being abundant?  They are your inner world.  


Do you believe you are worthy of being abundant?

Do you believe it’s greedy to want more?

Do you believe that you can help lots more people when you believe life is for you, that you have blessing and gifts to share?


Become conscious about what you are allowing to run around in your head.  


Turn one fear thought or belief around a day and your life will change dramatically.  


As Abraham-Hicks says, “Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say:  Something is important here; otherwise, I would not be feeling this negative emotion.  What is it I want?  And then simply turn your attention to what you want.  The negative will stop.”


Have patience with yourself.  


Love in your mind, produces love in your world.  


Choose love daily.  Like choosing kindness over being right. Choosing gratitude over complaining.  Even in this “different” time.


Change your thinking, change your life.  Look at abundance of how kind you are, how giving you are and how blessed you are.  Abundance is bigger than money in the bank.  When you believe you are abundant and life is showering you, then you can receive more money, more love, more kindness.   Whatever it is you want.  


You have to see the abundance all around you and then, allow it to come to you.  


Are you open to receiving?  Many people are good at giving but deflect when given.  Like compliments.  Or ideas that others offer you and you think you know it all.

Choose to find five (5) acts of kindness or love each day.  Your world will shift.  You will see the world from a whole new perspective.  


Use this time to let your heart soar by opening up to living more from love than fear.  


Decide today you want your life to be different.  To live a more loving life.


You don’t have to live by fear.


Decide you are living more from love than fear.  It’s up to you.