Are You Willing To Do Your Part To Make A Difference?

The world is in need of people to step up and help.

What’s calling you?

Where are you bothered?

What is capturing your attention and energy?

What’s hurting inside of your heart?

As Ernest Holmes says, “Our part is to be ready and willing to be guided into truth and liberty.”

What story of service do you have to share?

Think about the conversations you are having.

Are they for the good of mankind?

Will they help strengthen the well-being of others?

Can they help open up new possibilities and avenues?

Where’s the light and hope in the words you are sharing?

Think about your part with all the roles you play. I know you are saying I’m just one person. But as Margaret Mead reminds us in her famous quote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.

If the wars are capturing your attention, think about the thoughts running through your mind.

Are they ones calling for more compassion, kindness, and concern of others? How can you lead situations with these qualities? Spread more compassion, kindness, and concern for others in your world. Think about a situation in your life that could benefit from you being these qualities or sharing them more. Where could you reach out?

Are they ones of blaming one side or the other? How can this help you become more neutral and hear both sides? Where in your life is this needed? Where do you need to listen more?

As Stephen Covey shares, “Seek First to Understand.” Can you be a mediator?

Your role is to be the most shining light you can be. What is that for you?

Where do you need to heal to shine brighter, to bring more light to the world so you can make a greater difference?

Where can you make a difference? Is it in your home, your work or your community? Your work is needed.

Know in your heart of heart, you are doing your part. I know for me my mission is to awaken people to their greatest life. Because I know when you are open more to the one you were created to be, you will be living from peace, love, kindness, compassion and joy. You will radiate that to the world. Life for you, and all those around you will be in a lighter, kinder space.

You will be sharing your gifts. You will find your way to share with others and make a difference. Think of the craze of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelcie. They have caught the world on fire with their relationship. People are cheering them on. Hoping that love prevails here. Nothing may come of it but in this moment in time, they are lighting up the world. Opening hearts and possibilities.

Are you willing to step up and maybe come out of your comfort zone, to make a difference?

The world needs you now more than ever before.

Something is calling you.

How can you do your part to make a difference?