Are You Willing To Do Your Part?


If you are sick of a divisive country, what are YOU willing to do?


The first step to see why you might be out of sorts is find out how are you in alignment with what you want.  How are you walking your talk?  Your life won’t feel peaceful if you say one thing but live another.  


Start questioning everything in your own mind.  Try sorting out what is real for you today.  Find great examples of what you like and add more of that to your life.  Find examples that you don’t like and make sure you design your life around what’s right for you – not from your childhood, your church or your school days.  


Let go of those beliefs that no longer serve you in today’s world, in today’s needs.


The world is unraveling for you to take a good look at what kind of world you want now.


As Matt Kahn states, “For the majority of 2020, humanity has been steeped in a collective dark night of the soul phase of accelerated healing.  This crucial phase is used to shift from the mind-based identity of a dissolving 3D paradigm and into a heart-based identify of an awakening 5D consciousness.”  


Life is asking you to step up and decide what’s truly important to you.


Is it the need to be right?


Is it to get along?


Is it to have a peaceful world? 


Is it freedom?


What is driving you today as you make your decisions whether at the ballot box, in your relationships or day-to-day decisions?


Obviously we have seen the rules don’t matter anymore – at least for some.  Is that fair?  Do we need to create new ones to allow more flexibility and freedom – but for ALL?


What do you desire at your heart level?


If you don’t like the government, are you bashing it or are you willing to be part of a group to create one that serves more people?  


Do you believe in compromise or do you have to have it your way?  It once was a blessing to have differing opinions because when you came together you got something bigger than one plus one.  


Families are being torn apart.  Is that because you can’t be wrong?  You have to be right all the time?  You can’t respect other’s opinions that are different from yours?  


That’s not how life works. 


What are you making it mean about you when people think differently than you do?


That’s the healing work.  That’s where you bring your darkness to the light.  


As Vernon Howard says, “You must see the darkness before the dawn. If you don’t first clearly see the darkness you will never experience the dawn.”


How can you be the observer of what is happening for you, and not lash out at others as wrong or bad?


Take note for yourself of what is erupting in you.  It’s clues for what you need to heal, take a deeper look into yourself.


For me, I’ve been more of a rule follower – guided by principles that I learned from my parents who were the authority and by my Catholic upbringing.  The rules were the law.  Whether at home, school, society or church.   I have learned over the years that there is mostly grey, not only the laws I learned.  It’s been hard because my trusted vision wasn’t the best reality.  I had to learn over and over again, be hurt, forgive, and see a greater vision different from my learnings.


But it brought me to a kinder, more caring world.  It has given me more compassion, humility and love.


The erupting in me today is the disruption of respect, dignity and guidelines cherished by our history for so long.  It’s challenging my way of being.  Challenging my certainty.  Putting much uncertainty and fear out there for me to try to resolve.  To go to a higher place.


I realize my call is to understand the world outside of me is not my guide. As Albert Einstein says, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”


The blessing in this turmoil is causing me to awaken to something higher and greater in life.  A part of life I have only had glimpses of.  


My quest has been to have a more peaceful, loving life and world.  And, what I know is that everything unlike that will show up to see how badly I truly desire that.  Look at this, 2020 has given me a great opportunity to undo all my rules and guidelines that I thought were the way.


What I know is if I’m willing to do my part, I’d be creating stepping stones to a world greater than what we are living.  But, I also know that we all have to do our part.  We need a tipping point.  


There are many layers to this awakening.  I’m asking you to do your part.  Whatever that is for you.  You must become more aware of your actions and which direction they are directing the mass consciousness.  


If you want a better world for your children is that:


Having good role models?

Respecting others? 

Better education?  

Acceptance of who they are?  As well as others different from you?


Whatever that is for you, that’s the vision, that’s what is your part to begin creating.


What are you willing to do to create the world you want to be part of as well as leave for your children and grandchildren?