Are You Witnessing or Judging?


Life is made up of contrast to help you live your life and fulfill your path. These contrasts are there to help you decide what is right for you. Not make comparisons, make you feel less than or better than.


Use contrasts to help you decide and make decisions on how things feel to you. If it feels light and bright, head in that direction. If it’s heavy or uncertain, go a different direction until you find something that brightens your world and you know it’s right.


No need to judge. Be good with what you don’t like. Just know it’s not right for you. No need to make others wrong for their differences. They are there to help you clarify what matters to you.


I love to travel, but not all places or circumstances speak to me. And, definitely have changed over the years. I love to go on trips to explore, and somebody else takes care of the details, just like Backroads Biking does. They offer travel all over the world. They do the research, find the neatest and best places that showcase the region and culture. They have camping, casual, and premium lodging opportunities. There are trips for families with older and younger children, couples or solos, and dolce tempo. You choose.


Not right or wrong. Choose what you prefer.

Witness what’s before you.

Pay attention to what calls to you.

Notice how you talk to yourself.

Pay attention to the chatter inside. It is directing your life.


Are you using it to bring you closer to your desires or complain? For instance, when you work out, do you say, “This is hard.” Or, do you notice how your body moves and follow with kind and loving words about how you are nourishing it – even though it may be challenging.


What’s the chatter and talk you hear? Do you notice what is happening, or do you have opinions about lots of things?

Remember, you get what you think about. Witness what you desire.


Notice who and what you are judging. Find ways to catch yourself and then notice what is happening. Recently, I was pulled into a conversation about political stuff. Easy for me to lose my center. I’m working on it. I noticed how frustrated I was with myself. I kept on and on in my head after the conversation. Then, I found my “I can choose peace instead of this” mantra from The Course of Miracles. It quickly shifted my energy and focus. Because I genuinely do want peace. It’s a journey that I must consciously stay vigilant because it’s a trigger for me. It’s a great teacher for me. I’m noticing I can more easily detach and release my frustration easier. I can stop judging myself for stooping low or falling off track or witness what’s happening.


I know life is for me, and each episode is helping me move closer to my freedom.

I saw this quote, “All life is an experiment. The more experiments, the better.”

Use the data and apply it to the type of life you desire—no need to judge.

Begin noticing. Become aware. Know thyself.

You are your best teacher. Become your best friend.


Who is she? An encourager? A cheerleader?

Are you gentle and kind with yourself as you make changes in your life?

Notice when you can be patient and supportive and when that’s more difficult.

What beliefs need to be released?


How can you witness instead of judge whatever is going on in your life?


Awareness is the first step to change.


As Abraham Hicks says, “Every moment of your experience is the peak of life experience. This is where your power now is. This is where the desire is radiating from you and is being allowed by you.”


Are you accepting life as it is or judging that it shouldn’t be this way?


This person shouldn’t be President.
They shouldn’t teach remotely when they are.
It shouldn’t be windy outside when it is.


Take time to notice how much judging you are doing. Lighten your load. Become more the observer of yourself and the conversations you have.


Witness rather than judge whatever is happening. It allows your life to be easier and kinder. It opens up possibilities.


Witness, so you can be empowered.


Your words and thoughts matter.


With a bit of focus, you can go from being resistant and uptight to more allowing and accepting.


If you witness that you are judging, just let it go. Let those thoughts pass on through. Don’t attach to them. Instead, smile and acknowledge how you caught yourself and how light that felt to not hang on to the judging. The more you do this, the more you shift your consciousness to noticing what is happening.


Your life becomes lighter and brighter.


No matter how much your inner critic leads you to unsettling ways, you can always choose again. That critic will come and come. But, slowly, there will be less of her when you release the judgments.


Choose to observe. Notice how much more peace and joy you feel in your life when you let go of the judging.


Allow all the differences to be there. Of course, some things aren’t for you. But that doesn’t mean that’s bad, good, wrong, or right. It just is.


What matters is that you listen to what is suitable for you and follow that. Catch yourself when you hear that flapping jaw going wild in your head. Change courses.


Live what’s right for you and let the other go.


Take note of what you are creating in your life by releasing the judgment.


Be the witness of it all.