Are You A Lifter or Leaner?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life right now? As the Course of Miracles teaches, just a small shift in perception can change the way your life goes.

It is why I am always asking you to become conscious of how you are looking at life. Look at the choices you are making.

You are responsible for the life you have. Whether consciously or unconsciously you have been planting seeds to create the life you have right now. Is it what you want?

Whenever you want something different, make a new decision. Change the direction you are going. Just like the pilot who changes his navigation by 1%. He will end up in a totally different destination. So can you.

The important thing to know is you always have a choice.

Yes, life throws curve balls.

This week one of my Facebook posts was a video of Mandy Harvey on America’s Got Talent. She always wanted to sing but became deaf. She didn’t give into the obstacle. Amazing what she has done. What a lifter she is. She could have easily become a drain or leaner.

What is it you are watching online? Are you watching uplifting videos and posts? Are you sharing negative things happening in the world?

Are you enhancing your life and others by the choices you are making?

The average American spends 10 hours and 39 minutes looking at some screen. Social media is 30% of that time. 55% of people watch videos online

Social media is 30% of that time. 55% of people watch videos online every day.

Imagine how you impact someone’s life, positively or negatively.

Are you helping others or are you the heavy weight pulling others down?

Lifter or Leaner?

Low energy attracts more of the same. High energy attracts more of that.

One of the ways you can determine which direction you are going is to notice your moods and thoughts.

Do you feel invigorated or down and depressed?

Do you have more thoughts and conversations around anger, hate, fear and guilt or around kindness, peace, joy and harmony?

Do you expect people to do certain things the way you want or do you appreciate them and what they are doing?

If you are tired of how life is, you can change. Start small. Become more appreciative, be kinder, give more and focus on the good things happening in life.

I know, you might say all the news and world around you is negative, hateful. There is that part of life. There are plenty of spectacular things going on, too. Just like what Mandy has done and overcome.

It’s what you are focusing on that is creating the world you see.

If you want a more peaceful and loving life, one that lifts you and others:

Pay attention to what you watch on TV, read and participate in online. Search for uplifting messages.

If the people around you are mostly high energy, spend more time with them. It has a big impact on how you perceive your life to be.

If those in your life are leaners, spend less time with them. Find other people who can help shift your energy and help you refocus your life. You become like the top five people you are around.

Life is too short and precious to live frustrated and unhappy.

Start this week making ONE small change that is more like a lifter than a leaner. Smile at your neighbors, open a door for someone or compliment your partner.

Watch how it can release some tension and stress.

Feel the ease of life you are when you are living more from light than dark. Catch yourself when you get in any negative, low energy thoughts. Let it go.

Small shifts in life can cause big results in how you live.

The world needs more lifters.

Share with me how you are being more of a lifter this week.