Are your thoughts what you want?

Joel Osteen says if you want to know what your life will be like in five years, look at what your thoughts are today. What are you experiencing? Is it what you want? Are you open to new possibilities? Pay attention to your thought. What are you thinking? Your thoughts create your reality. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. Your thoughts directly influence your life experiences. What possibilities are you creating for your life? Did you know you were creating your life? There is so much to do and experience. The world is meant to be a mirror for you to choose the things you like. Everyone’s choices are different. It is what makes you unique. You came here to explore. You learn by the adventure of your choices. If it’s not working for you, choose again. Life is full of possibilities when you awaken to how your thoughts are creating your life. What can you discover about your thinking? What do you need to change to create what you desire? What possibilities are you willing to be open to receive? Say yes to life this week. What new things have you discovered about how you react or respond to new possibilities? Remember, your thoughts are creating your life. Are they what you want?