Awaken More To Your Soul To Create The Pathway To Your Heart


“You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?” — Rumi


No matter the situation, you are either moving toward freedom or keeping yourself stuck in the lower vibrations of life. You know in your heart what’s right. Not always easy. Sometimes settling for less and knowing it doesn’t feel right.


Are you in integrity with where you want to be?


In Fortune magazine, September 2019, “A New Purpose for the Corporation” article talks about the changes in society. YIPPEE!!! For more than two decades, shareholders were the priority. As Milton Friedman says there’s only one social responsibility of business and that is to increase its profits. But, times are changing thanks to big pushes from the millennials. 80% say they want to work for “engaged companies,” and 64% of others say a company’s primary purpose should be “making the world better.” As of August 19, 2019, the Business Roundtable group changed its priorities to include:


1. Delivering value to its customers.

2. Investing in employees.

3. Dealing fairly and ethically with suppliers

4. Supporting the communities in which they work and

5. Generating long-term value for the shareholders.


Thank you to all who held to their beliefs and spoke up clearly for what is right for all.  


Yes, it takes time and concerted effort.


There is hope.


How do you make your values come alive to live in alignment with your heart?  


How are you following your intuition?


Where are you spending your money? Are they companies that believe in the values you do?


Who are you spending your time with? Are they supporting you to live your truth?


Your soul is a constant companion for you. You create freedom from the inside out. It is always guiding you back to your highest and greatest good if you listen. If you quiet your mind to hear. Life is not meant for you to go to a job you dislike day after day. Your mental, physical and emotional health are worth more than that paycheck.


Honor what you need in all parts of your life.


Awakening to your soul requires more authenticity, telling the truth – how you are making lemonade from the lemon choices you made in the past. As Louisa May Alcott says, “Painful as it may be, a significant emotional event can be a catalyst for choosing a direction that serves us more effectively. Look for the learning.”


One of the great lessons I’m continually learning is to trust my feelings. Be in tune to them. Using your emotional guidance system as a guide to decisions and to trust yourself rather than external factors as trying to please others or how you will look.


The more you are in touch with your intuitive you are open to receive messages from God or your Higher Power. You will be guided to the next step for yourself. All of it has important information for you to evolve to your highest and greatest. It makes life more fun than just pushing through to the next chore.


Are you willing and able to receive the goodness of life? Or, do you have a belief that life is a struggle? That you just have to get by because you have bills to pay? Guess what you get, lots more of the hard events, self-fulfilling prophecy.


The wake up is when you realize that everything has some meaning for your evolution. If you are allowing life to nurture you, it will bring you what is most needed at that particular time and space. More from how you are feeling and what you are loving.


Listen for guidance.. Not being so impulsive like I am, that I know what is best or think I have to get it done now.


Did you know that you don’t always have “to do” to get good in your life? For many of us, me included, we just have to change our vibration to be on the level to receive and allow good to come to us.


Receiving means you trust in God to bring you what you need and desire. You trust that life is for you. You are willing to accept all that is before you and know that everything is in God’s perfect timing – even when it doesn’t feel like it.


Some days you are living where the highs are a little higher and some days you are being tested with some hard lessons.


Is it time for some change in your life? Can you trust the light of your inner wisdom to guide you to your soul’s yearning?


Pay attention to how you are honoring yourself and listening to your heart. Do you have contemplation time? Time for massages?   Empty space? Are you allowing yourself the freedom to chill, to relax? I know for so many, that’s a big challenge. Life is 24/7 and to slow down and allow your body to relax is really hard. It was nearly unimaginable for me a few years ago.


I now see the benefits and wish everyone could see that slowing down allows your body, mind, and heart to work better. You see and feel the connection to something higher, not feel all the material pressures.


What can you do to live more from your soul and heart?


Check on how you are feeling during your day. Are you relaxed or tense? A feeling of peace in your mind and body put you on a frequency of harmony with the Universe.


Start an intuition journal. Keep track of situations you listened to your guidance, as well as times you didn’t. The information can help you be more aware. The more you listen the more you will hear.


Continually work on alignment with your values and what’s truly most important to you. Let go of all that is no longer serving your soul’s desires.


Learn how to be happy anywhere. Unhappiness is keeping your focus on the outside of you. Happiness is an inside job when you listen to what’s true for you.


Realize you are worth the work it takes to be happy and fulfilled. Realize your purpose is to find your way home to what your soul is calling. Awaken to a deeper more meaningful life.