Awaken to the Payoff to Being Conscious of Your Choices


Your DECISIONS are your destiny.


Picture something you want to happen in your life. What will you focus on? Ways that it CAN happen in your life? Or ways it can’t? For instance, if you want a new partner in your life. Think about all the things you can do together. FEEL how great that will be.


Then check out your beliefs around it. Listen to the words you are saying and thinking. Are you saying things like “There are no good men out there, they are all gone?” Or, are you thinking about how much you have to offer, how responsible and fun you are? Your beliefs must be around what you want. When you find beliefs that are not, it’s time to let them go. Search around you to find examples of people that show your negative thoughts are not true, it’s just your “stinking thinking.”


Remember, life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You get what you think about. If you want to think there is someone out there waiting for you, guess what happens. You will find opportunities to find that gentleman you are looking for. On the other end, if you think all men are toads and taken, that’s all you will see.


LOOK for what you want.  


Language is powerful.


Everything you do is either in the direction of what you want or toward what you don’t want.   It’s all based on your choices, decisions, and attitude.


What does that mean? As you are thinking about being a certain weight, are your thoughts and actions on seeing and feeling yourself at that weight, how great it feels, and how good you feel about your accomplishment? Or, are most of your thoughts about how it can’t happen, you’ve tried everything, nothing works? Therefore, if the latter is the case, you are keeping yourself stuck in what you DON’T want. Because that’s where your mind and energy is going. That’s what’s sabotaging yourself is all about. You might have given up some desserts but if you continue the dialogue about how you are depriving yourself instead of thinking about how you are nourishing your body by eating healthy foods, you receive different results. You are either focused on what you want — a certain weight or you are focused on the excuses of why it can’t, what you don’t want.


Keep track of which direction you are going on something you want. Make a chart that has WANTED on one end and DON’T WANT on the other end. Get some small stickies and start paying attention to what you say or what you are thinking. Write all those on separate stickies. Then put them on which end they belong – are they thoughts and beliefs of seeing your dream come true or are they thoughts and beliefs on staying stuck? You will have a visual of the direction you are going and why you might not be going anywhere.


Become conscious of your thoughts, actions, and beliefs.


You have approximately 60,000 thoughts in a day, and most of them are the same as yesterday. And, as Marci Shimoff says, 75% are negative.


You cannot do anything different until you are ready and aware of how you are doing life today


Then, you can make new decisions. You can realize how your patterns and decisions have been keeping you from your desires.



Take time to find the habits, choices, and decisions that are no longer serving you.


Surround yourself with people and media that support you in achieving whatever you may be going after.


You are either headed to what you want or where you don’t want to be. It’s a game of becoming aware and of shifting the energy and decisions on the scale.


Make it visual for you. Make it fun to catch yourself.


Only as you become conscious of how you are living, can you do better so you CAN have all you want.