Be Kind To Yourself Today


What is kindness to you? How do you know to do something if you haven’t clearly defined it yourself? For you, for what matters to you. But, then, notice how much of that you give to yourself.


Think about the love you feel towards yourself. Is it conditional? Do you have to be a certain way, act a certain way, and please others? Or, is it unconditional because you are?


Try this and see. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat “I love you” for several minutes. Then, look at each part of your body and say the same thing.


How is that for you? Are you expecting you “should” look a certain way? Be a certain way? That’s conditional.


Can you do this and think about yourself as a Divine Being rather than the Human Being you are seeing? Are your feelings different?


The #1 reason you are on the planet is to learn unconditional love. That is being kind to yourself, listening to what you need, and giving that to yourself.


Find ways to be kind no matter the circumstances.


How much do you tell yourself that you love yourself? Speak out loud, “I Love You, “your name.”


How much do you tell yourself that you appreciate yourself for all kinds of things? Acknowledge how amazing you are in each of the roles you play.


How much do you tell yourself how grateful you are for the life you have? Take time to honor that you have been given another day to LIVE; what a blessing.


How much do you ask yourself what it needs now or for today? Let you be a priority instead of your agenda or tasks.


Each day is a new opportunity to be kinder and more invested in how you feel.


Love means living your vibrant essence. Wellness, kindness, and not rushing through life as if it were a groundhog scenario each day. Each day is new.


What are the kindest things you have planned for yourself today?


Wherever you are struggling, you have a little child trying to get your attention. She needs you to acknowledge her, listen to her, and be heard. She has great wisdom for your life to be more peaceful and on track for all you desire.


She is throwing a temper tantrum, trying to get your attention.


Wanting you to be kind to yourself, to nurture and honor all of who you are.


Do you have a war going on inside of you?


What are the thoughts you say to yourself and think about yourself?


Most of us were taught it was conceited to think about ourselves or selfish to care for our needs.


Imagine a different relationship with yourself. There is nothing more powerful than your connection to yourself.


Start today being kinder to you. Think of all the ways you defined kindness and shower yourself with those.


Notice how you and your life prospers because of the kindness you are extending to yourself.