Become The Person You Want To Be


What new ideas do you have about what you imagine for you in this stage of life? As Mary Pipher says in, “Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing As We Age,” we have many lifetimes within our life.


You create your own reality whether on purpose or by default. Might as well set in motion what you envision.


Who do you want to become? A Guinness World Book record holder? A heart-centered leader? More yin or yang?


Believe in yourself. Your decisions determine your destiny.


Your mind doesn’t want to be wrong. You will go to great lengths to prove yourself right, even if not working for you.


What are your beliefs about who you can be?   You will attract whatever you believe. Get them out on the table. Your beliefs guide your life. Your beliefs are just thoughts you think over and over and over. You CAN change them.


I know for me it is about discovering more about life and its possibilities through our family, travel and being of service.


What’s the story you are telling about the possibilities for you? “I’m old and can’t do much.” “Nobody wants somebody old.”


Is that true? I don’t think so.  


The world I see shows women my age are the happiest, and on top of their game, even with some limitations.


You have the ability to recreate yourself — whether where you are, is what you had planned or not. It is what it is.


It’s time. Become the person you want to be based on where you are today. Not yesterday. Whether that is single again, widowed or overweight.


You have lots of wisdom. Life has given you many experiences.


Find the good memories, and build on those. See the lessons you ’ve learned, and build on those.


Learn from setbacks and tragedies. They have given your life meaning and depth. Use them to guide you forward. Yes, you might have gained 50 pounds or lost a partner.


You might have been feeling depressed or disconnected. Let that uncomfortable part of life help you know that is not what you want. Let those feelings propel you to discover the person you want to be now.


“It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean.” ~ Tony Robbins


Self-discovery guides you to your next step. I’m not the principal or marathoner anymore.


But, I am still the teacher and learner. It is who I am today.  


So where can I go now to become the person I want to be this 7th decade of my life. Same for you.


First, accept where you are.


Who do you want to become? Is it being kinder, having more integrity by doing what you say or not giving up on yourself when you fall off the horse? Or, developing the pianist in you?


Who are 3 people you admire? What are the qualities they have you like? And, why? Those are clues for who you desire to become. By developing those qualities, you will be on the road to becoming the person you want to be.


Find new thoughts and beliefs for whom you can become. Create your new story. Hold a clear intention of your success. Feel the excitement of stepping into this new version of you.  


Recently, I wrote a new story about my relationship with food. It feels transformative. I am lots nicer to myself. I actually enjoy the food.


Use this Lenten season to give up any parts of yourself that no longer serve you.


Have the courage and willingness to become the next version of your Highest and Greatest Self by designing your pathway to transformation.


You choose who you will become.